4 Zodiac signs who are quick to move on after a breakup

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 05:19 PM IST  |  550K
4 Zodiac signs who are quick to move on

Some take years to move on while for others it takes a few months time. Breakups can be tough to handle and if you have gone through them, you would know the pain. It requires patience, resilience and endurance to deal with the hurt. 

Some are blessed to move on quicker than others. These people don’t let the hurt bother them or hinder their daily life. They take a back seat and take life as it is. Here are 4 zodiac signs who are quick to move on after a bad breakup.


Leos are born with so much self confidence that they don’t turn back even once after a breakup. They are quick to move on as they feel their self esteem and self respect is more important than going back to their ex. Once you say goodbye to a Leo, you will never cross their minds again. So, quit trying to get back with a Leo as they are never going to respond or return your calls. 


Another zodiac sign that takes breakups very seriously is Aquarius. This zodiac sign truly knows how to move on without showing its vulnerable side to others. They never go back to their ex and hardly show their feelings. They like to be independent and hate areas of conflict or confusion. They will always neglect breakups and act as if nothing happened whilst moving on.


This zodiac sign is tough to break. They have a strong shield in the form of self respect and self-worth that they carry with them. After a breakup, Sagis are quick to move on as they despise any feeling of rejection, hate or neglect. They always want to have a good time, be free and mingle around with people who make them happy. So if you’re not on their list of important people, it’s time to say goodbye and never look back. 


For a Taurus, a relationship is all about stability, security and loyalty. If these are missing out, they hardly go back to their old flames. They believe everything happens for a reason and because it didn’t work out in the first place, they would rather look for someone who will stay and stick around this time.

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