HERE are 5 interesting and lesser known facts about Sagittarius

Sagittarians are brutally honest, extroverts and travel junkies. But there’s more to this zodiac sign than what meets the eye. Here are 5 lesser-known facts about this star sign.
HERE are 5 interesting and lesser known facts about Sagittarius
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People born between November 23 and December 21 are Sagittarians. The archer is known to be a wanderer and an explorer. They love travelling and are adventurous and extroverts by nature. They are ambitious, enthusiastic and confident. They are fearless and love taking risks.

Sagittarians are brutally honest and straightforward and don’t think twice before speaking and believe in saying what’s on their mind. They are the life of every party and easily tend to impress people with their wit and humour. Here are some lesser-known facts about this zodiac sign.

1. Sagittarians are incredibly impatient. If they want something, they want it that very moment. They do not like being stuck in one place for a long time and therefore can get frustrated easily. They believe in constantly moving and exploring life.

2. They do not like conforming to societal norms and standards. They do not like being told what to do. If you dictate them to do something, they will deliberately do the exact opposite. They are rebellious by nature.

3. They are always looking on the bright side of things. They are highly optimistic and do not believe in thinking about what’s been done. They don’t believe in dwelling on the past and always have a positive outlook on life.

4. Sagittarius-born people are also very intuitive. They can see through your pretence and can read you like a book. They know when you are faking it and when you are being yourself. 

5. They tend to constantly show themselves the mirror. While they are critical and judgemental of other people, they also exercise the same judgement on themselves. They are introspective and self-critical and are always engaging in self-improvement. 

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