4 Things that can break your marriage before you could celebrate your first anniversary

Here are a few things that can break your marriage within a year.

Updated on Dec 21, 2021 01:55 AM IST  |  399.3K
Things that can break a marriage
4 Things that can break your marriage before you could celebrate your first anniversary
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Two months to go for your first wedding anniversary. What do you expect? Most will say a grand party, a trip to the Maldives, lots of gifts from your spouse, and the blessings of your family and friends. However, that doesn’t hold true for everyone. Some may await a divorce.

Experts say that the first year of a marriage can make or break a relationship. And most relationships turn sour during this delicate phase. Here are 4 things that can break your marriage within a year.

 broken relationship

Demanding attitude

While there’s nothing wrong in asking your partner for his or her time, gifts, or anything else, there’s a thin line between asking for something lovingly and becoming demanding. This demanding attitude can do more harm than good to your relationship. Forcing your partner to buy you something or insisting on shifting to a bigger house without realising the financial situation of your spouse can damage your relationship. So much so, that you two may decide to part ways before even celebrating your one-year anniversary.

couple fighting

Picking up fights

If either of you has the tendency of picking up unnecessary fights and dragging them for long, there are chances your partner may seek a divorce sooner than later. A relationship is meant to keep people together and happy. If your relationship is all about fighting for minor things and not coming to a mutual solution, you must brace yourself to move out from it.

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Complaining nature

Some people do have the habit of seeing bad in everything. They think complaining about what they don’t feel is right will help. And to be honest, it does to some extent, if done within limits. However, if all you do is complain about what went wrong and what shouldn’t have happened at all, and fail to appreciate your partner’s efforts, there are chances your relationship could turn bitter soon. So, instead of finding faults and nit-picking, it is important to value your partner’s efforts and talk about the improvements at a later stage. This will help solve your problems without putting your relationship at risk.


Another deal-breaker is dishonesty. One of the wedding vows that we take before tying the knot or saying Qubool Hai, is to be completely honest with our spouse. If either one breaks it, and turns to dishonesty, your relationship might turn sour that very moment. No matter how hard we can try to hide our dishonest attitude, our spouse will find out it sooner than later. And once it happens, there are high chances that your partner may find it hard to trust you again, and may even seek a divorce if dishonesty becomes frequent. 

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