Watch: Perfect Dad Patrick Mahomes Adorably Runs To Save Daughter Sterling From Staring Directly At Eclipse

When a total solar eclipse crossed US skies, Patrick Mahomes sprung into ultimate dad mode - shielding daughter Sterling's eyes one second, crafting the perfect safe viewing the next as the NFL world gushed over the wholesome family moment.

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Superdad Patrick Mahomes' Hustle to Protect Daughter's Eyes During Eclipse
Patrick Mahomes' Hustle to Protect Daughter's Eyes During Eclipse (PC: Getty Images)

When a rare total solar eclipse graced the skies over the United States on April 8th, 2024, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had his priorities in order - protecting his loved ones. In a heartwarming series of videos shared by his wife Brittany on Instagram, the Super Bowl MVP can be seen doting over his 3-year-old daughter Sterling and 1-and-a-half-year-old son Bronze during the cosmic event.

Superdad Patrick Mahomes' Hustle to Protect Daughter's Eyes During Eclipse (PC: Getty Images)

As the moon began inching across the sun's path, mostly blocking out the bright rays, little Sterling marveled at the sight through protective eclipse glasses. "I see the moon!" she exclaimed in excitement, with Patrick replying "Daaang!" as he experienced the awing celestial phenomenon alongside his baby girl.

But being a stellar dad means being ever vigilant. When Sterling started to wander and potentially peek at the sun's harmful rays without her safety glasses, Patrick instantly snapped into protection mode. He's captured on video swiftly running over and shielding Sterling's eyes with his huge hands to ensure she didn't look directly into the eclipse.


An Epic Family Viewing Experience

While Patrick was all about keeping Sterling safe, the youngest Mahomes didn't seem too fussed about missing the lunar spectacle. Brittany captured an adorable moment of baby Bronze sitting on the floor, completely disinterested as he played with a cleaning brush instead of watching the skies. "Meanwhile Bronze...😂" she wrote, clearly amused at her son's nonchalant attitude.


Superdad Patrick Mahomes' Hustle to Protect Daughter's Eyes During Eclipse (PC: Getty Images)

The couple's dogs also opted out of the eclipse viewing party, with Brittany joking "They won't wear glasses!" as she showed them being kept inside the house. But for the Mahomes parents, experiencing this rare event as a family was a top priority.

As the eclipse reached its peak with the moon fully covering the sun, Patrick got down on one knee cradling Sterling so she could peer through the tiny window he created with his hands. With Brittany filming, it was an epic snapshot of a dad ensuring his daughter could witness the awesome moment while protecting her eyes.

"Just when you think you can't love him more, he does something like this," one commenter gushed about the Chiefs quarterback's doting father behavior.

The NFL World Eclipses with Humor

The Mahomes clan wasn't the only one in the NFL world marking the first total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. since 2017. Brittany's brother-in-law and Patrick's Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce got in on the fun, with the team sharing a photo of the tight end wearing a WWE championship belt and red eclipse glasses with fists pumped, captioning it "We're ready for you @eclipse."

Over in Philadelphia, the Eagles took a more educational approach balanced with humor. They posted a public service announcement featuring quarterback Jalen Hurts modeling yellow eclipse glasses, accompanied by a Spongebob Squarepants meme graphic warning about burning retinas. "Make sure you've got those eclipse glasses on tight for today's view!" they cautioned fans.

Meanwhile, wide receiver A.J. Brown decided to use the eclipse as an opportunity to give his Instagram followers an impromptu science lesson. He filmed himself watching the celestial event unfold while providing commentary about how solar eclipses occur when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun.

An Astronomical Family Affair

For Patrick Mahomes though, those cosmic facts were less important than ensuring the safety and joy of his littlest fans during this once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience. His MVP-worthy dad reflexes to safeguard Sterling's eyes, while still letting her take in the awing sight, earned raves from viewers as the videos went viral.


With Brittany also expecting the couple's third child, the eclipsed-viewing family affair is likely only going to grow for future astronomical events. Though if Bronze's reaction is any indication, the Mahomes' youngest may need to work on their interest in outer space first.

Superdad Patrick Mahomes' Hustle to Protect Daughter's Eyes During Eclipse (PC: Getty Images)

As the eclipse faded and Sterling was ushered back inside, it served as one more special bonding moment for the NFL's most famous family. An astronomical reminder that for Patrick Mahomes, being a great dad will always eclipse any on-field accomplishments.

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