Chaos In Central London As Horses Run Wild; Know More About The White Horse Who Had Blood In Its Legs

Chaos erupts in London as horses surprise city dwellers by roaming the streets. Police and army collaborate to contain the unexpected spectacle, which could have been rather dreadful.

Published on Apr 25, 2024  |  12:52 AM IST |  66.7K
Chaos Breaks In Central London As Horses Run Wild
Horses found running on the streets of London in broad daylight (PC: creepydotorg Twitter) )
Key Highlight
  • Two horses ran loose in central London, causing injuries and damage
  • The British Army assisted in containing the horses

Central London saw a stunning event early on Wednesday morning as two horses galloped freely through the streets, causing a commotion among passers-by and commuters. 

A video that went viral on social media captured the shocking moment of the blood-stained coat of one white horse with a rider racing alongside its black partner.

Suspenseful city under threat

This oddity left many people in London fascinated and surprised, thus warranting fast action by the police. Some confusion ensued before law enforcement officers could confine the runaway horses. 

As per reports, during this incident, four individuals were injured, and the wild horses also crashed into an immobilized double-decker tour bus whose windshield was smashed.

Assistance from army

In response to unfolding events, the British army has provided support through their intervention. When dispatching some horseboxes to this location, they helped contain these animals in order to ensure their safety. The authorities will now take charge of their medical needs.

Although such sightings are rare in this crowded city, central London is not unfamiliar with equestrian presence. Many famous cavalry regiments have stables within the capital, where they can be seen regularly moving along its ancient roads. 



Nevertheless, it is unusual for uncontrolled animals like horses to run amok; hence, relevant departments must take immediate action.

Horses found running on the streets of London in broad daylight (PC: OfeliaLamensky Twitter)

Unity among agencies

In such situations, the police and army working together enabled quick resolution of any resulting mess. The Westminster branch of London's police, combined with army personnel, looked tirelessly for these stray horses so that they could be controlled without sacrificing either the public or animals' lives.

Eventually, both horses were apprehended at Limehouse near Central London, bringing an end to the unexpected drama that momentarily gripped the whole town by surprise. 

The following response ensured that calmness returned and life resumed after this disturbance since there was a swift reaction among those involved.

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How did the horses end up running through central London?
The horses, belonging to prestigious army regiments, broke free during an exercise near the Horse Guards Parade.

Were there any casualties?
Four individuals sustained injuries, and a double-decker tour bus had its windscreen damaged, but no fatalities were reported.

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