Emirates Airlines Praised For Exceptional Customer Service As They Take Care Of A Daughter On Behalf Of Her Father

Emirates Airlines is praised for exceptional care when a teen misses her flight. Father praises the airline's swift response amidst Dubai disruptions.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  05:52 PM IST |  42.7K
Emirates Airlines Praised for Their Service in Helping a Daughter on Her Father's Behalf
Emirates airlines' customer service is appreciated by a father Twitter (Pc: RonallChersan)
Key Highlight
  • Emirates Airlines promptly attended to a teenage traveler who missed her connecting flight
  • The airline's proactive communication with the traveler's father reassured him

The exceptional customer service of Emirates Airlines is highlighted through a recent incident involving a teenage traveler who missed her connecting flight in Dubai. Manish Kalghatgi, a resident of Puducherry, shares his daughter's travel mishap and the subsequent experience.  

A father’s apprehension turns into thankfulness

Manish Kalghatgi’s 15-year-old daughter was on her first ever solo international flight from Casablanca to Chennai via Dubai. While she felt excited about this adventure; her father was still very nervous considering the difficulties experienced by Emirates due to adverse weather conditions in Dubai recently.

As expected, the flights were affected and so she could not make it for her next flight at 2 am in Dubai. However what followed testified how committed Emirates is when it comes to caring for its customers.

Extraordinary customer care during challenging times

Kalghatgi used social media platforms to commend Emirates’ immediate and effective response towards the difficult situation. On arrival at Dubai airport, his daughter was met by Emirates staff who informed her about the changes made and took her to a transit hotel room where she could rest before catching another plane.

At the same time an Emirates executive called Kalghatgi himself at 4 o’clock in the morning informing him about the missed connection as well as steps taken to ensure that his daughter is safe. 

The airline’s excellent communication skills and proactive approach removed any fears he had regarding his daughter’s safety and comfort.

Emirates airlines' customer service is appreciated by a father (Pc: theSaudiNewsOff Twitter)

Emirates defines customer orientation


During the challenging period of flooding, which resulted in a temporary halt of operations at Dubai International Airport, Emirates airlines ensured that their customers' expectations were met with nothing short of exceptional service. 

Despite the logistical challenges posed by adverse weather conditions, the company's commitment to passenger welfare remained at the forefront. The company demonstrated a genuine dedication to consumer satisfaction and provided exceptional service.

Manish Kalghatgi's commendation serves as proof to the immense value of exceptional customer service in fostering trust and loyalty among travelers. Despite the obstacles posed by adverse weather conditions, Emirates' dedication to passenger welfare sets a commendable example for the entire aviation industry.

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How did Emirates handle the situation when the teenager missed her connecting flight?
Emirates promptly attended to her, providing a transit hotel room for rest and communicating effectively with her father.

Why did Emirates suspend travel procedures in Dubai?
Due to adverse weather conditions and flooding, Emirates suspended operations to ensure passenger safety and logistical feasibility.

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