Is Adin Ross Getting Unbanned From Twitch? Here's What Streamer Had To Say

Adin Ross claims he will be unbanned from Twitch in 2024, sparking hope for other permabanned streamers. Twitch CEO hints at a policy change.

Published on Feb 29, 2024  |  12:33 AM IST |  52.7K
Adin Ross is banned from Twitch
Adin Ross is banned from Twitch ( Instagram )
Key Highlight
  • Popular streamer Adin Ross claims he will be unbanned from Twitch in 2024
  • Twitch's CEO has hinted at a policy change regarding permabanned streamers

Getting hit with a permaban on Twitch is one of the harshest penalties a streamer can face. It not only bans you from streaming on the site but also prohibits you from appearing on any Twitch stream. This can be devastating for content creators, as Twitch is a major platform for building an audience and generating income.

Adin Ross is banned from Twitch ( Instagram )

Adin Ross: From permaban to kick success

Adin Ross, a popular streamer, faced a permaban from Twitch. However, he didn't let this setback stop him. He moved to Kick, where his fanbase followed him, and he continued to thrive. Despite the ban, he remained active in the streaming community.

Recently, Adin Ross made a surprising claim during an IRL stream on his Kick channel. When asked if he was unbanned from Twitch yet, he replied with a firm "no" but revealed that he was "working on it." He then announced to his viewers, "Chat, I will be unbanned on Twitch at some point this year, 2024. I ain't gonna lie, I'm excited, bro."

The rarity of Twitch permaban reversals

Reversals of permabans on Twitch are rare. The last notable reversal was IShowSpeed's Twitch unban in October 2023 after discussions with Twitch's CEO. However, IShowSpeed has not yet returned to the platform.


Twitch's CEO, Dan Clancy, stated in late 2023 that the platform was considering giving permabanned streamers "another chance." He mentioned that they were exploring ways to make this process scalable for both big and small streamers.

Adin Ross's claim of a Twitch permaban reversal in 2024 has stirred excitement among his fans and the streaming community. If true, it would be a significant development, showing Twitch's willingness to reconsider its permaban policy. 

However, until an official announcement is made, the exact details of Adin Ross's return to Twitch remain uncertain.

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