Tourist Plunges To Death In Indonesia While Capturing Photos Near Ijen Volcano; Know How Accident Occurred

Tourist tragically falls into Indonesia volcano while taking photos. This highlights the dangers of venturing too close to nature's wonders.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  04:14 AM IST |  58K
Tourist Plunges To Death In Indonesia While Capturing Photos
Chinese tourist dies near Ijen Volcano
Key Highlight
  • Tourist Huang Lihong fell into Ijen volcano while capturing photos
  • Despite warnings, Lihong's fatal misstep near the crater edge led to a tragic accident

Trigger warning: This article contains reference to tragic death.

The recently mysterious incident hovered over Indonesia like a black cloud as a tourist lost her life in her quest for memories. 31 years old Lihong Huang, a tourist from China devastatingly met her end while she was on a visit to the Ijen volcano park in East Java.

Danger lies beneath missteps

Lured by its famous ‘blue fire’ phenomenon, she went on a trip with her husband which could have ended in watching the sun rise over this active volcano breathtaking. However, this happy hour was soon clouded by darkness when she slipped while trying to take that perfect shot and fell off the steep crater of the volcano.

It is reported that Lihong proceeded too close despite warnings from the tour guide about dangerous grounds they were passing through; just to get that unforgettable picture. Regrettably, an error due to her billowing dress caused her deathly plunge down into the hungry jaws of the volcano.

Chinese tourist dies near Ijen Volcano

Retrieval and reflection

In order to recover Lihong’s body from the bottom of Ijen’s volcanic crater, rescue efforts began following a terrifying accident. The mission took almost 2 hours before it was concluded and saw Lihong’s lifeless remains removed from the scene of the accident.



The investigation later found out that Lihong died in tragic circumstances as she became another sad case where nature turned hostile. To begin with, there was a need for transportation of Lihong’s corpse to bury it in Bali, and then repatriate it back home to China.

Chinese tourist dies near Ijen Volcano

The Ijen Volcano legacy

Ijen Volcano displays both nature’s grandeur and its inherent violence through its captivating blue fire and its threatening volcano status, respectively. It is nestled among other spectacular volcanoes drawing visitors worldwide who can have a glimpse at natural wonders.

Nonetheless, this miserable ending of Lihong’s life reminds us how important it is to be cautious when confronted by the might of nature. It may seem attractive to take a photo that will be an ideal shot for social media but safety needs to come first before anything else; because who knows what could happen in the middle of this beauty?

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What caused the tourist's fall into the volcano?
Tripping on her clothing while taking photos near the crater's edge led to the fatal accident.

What is the significance of Ijen volcano?
Known for its ‘blue fire’ phenomenon, Ijen attracts tourists but underscores the importance of safety amidst nature's wonders.

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