What Are Migaloo's Submersible Superyachts? Learn MORE About This 545 Feet Long M5 Submarine

Austrian company Migaloo has introduced its submersible superyacht. This submarine offers unparalleled customization, luxury, and world-class security at depths never imagined before.

Published on Apr 25, 2024  |  12:59 AM IST |  28.8K
Everything To Know About Migaloo's Submersible Superyachts
Migaloo introduces the most luxurious submarine (PC: Migaloo)
Key Highlight
  • Migaloo's M5 is a 545-foot submersible superyacht redefining luxury at sea
  • From helipads to shark-feeding stations, experience opulence without limits

Nothing is too much for luxury; the recent innovation by the Austrian Company Migaloo is proof of this. The company is now taking luxury to a whole new level with its revolutionary idea: a private submersible superyacht.

M5: An undersea marvel

Imagine yourself 170 feet below sea level, surrounded by billionaire-kind luxury on all sides. This is what awaits you aboard the M5, a submarine marvel that is over 545 feet long and about 75 feet wide. With an incredible range of about 9,320 miles, the vessel is ready to conquer any part of the ocean.

Migaloo introduces the most luxurious submarine (PC: Migaloo)

Customization and security

Size isn’t everything when it comes to style, as Migaloo understands its customers well enough. It ensures that its rich clients have blank canvases on which to paint their underwater fantasies. 

There are limitless options, from helipads to shark feeding stations, underwater, just as there are in the sea itself. Nonetheless, safety can be guaranteed at every depth when SAFE US security experts are on board, providing cloak-and-dagger levels of protection.


Migaloo introduces the most luxurious submarine (PC: Migaloo)

The price worth exclusivity

However, such exclusivity comes at a price. Although exact figures remain concealed from public eyes, estimates indicate that it costs as much as $2 billion (not including maintenance expenses, which will increase the cost further). 

That being said, audacious ideas have been observed before Aston Martin and Migaloo each took a dip into luxurious underwater enterprises. However, whether or not M5 will fly or sink with time remains moot.


It represents an ultimate symbol of opulence in terms of luxury whereby ultra-affluent individuals shall be able to explore entirely novel territories. However, amidst all these temptations for underwater luxuries, we must remember that danger lurks beneath those depths. 

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How much does Migaloo's M5 cost?
The exact price is undisclosed, but estimates suggest around $2 billion.

How long can the M5 stay submerged?
The vessel can remain underwater for up to four weeks at a time.

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