Who is Bryan Johnson? Exploring life of age-reversing millionaire as he sells longevity mix

Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old entrepreneur, is making headlines for his latest venture - selling his 'Blueprint stack.' Read on to know who is he, and what is his story.

Published on Apr 02, 2024  |  04:08 PM IST |  52.1K
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Key Highlight
  • After selling Braintree to PayPal, Johnson redirected his focus towards reversing aging process
  • Johnson's Blueprint stack is a selection of supplements and foods designed to support longevity

Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author, has recently made headlines for the sale of his 'Blueprint stack' as per Money Control. But who is Bryan Johnson, and what is the story behind his quest for everlasting youth? 

Johnson was born on August 22, 1977, in Provo, Utah, and his journey to becoming a tech mogul has been fascinating. He was raised in Springville, Utah, and began his entrepreneurial career early on, selling cell phones before moving on to real estate. 

The quest for eternal youth

Johnson's fascination with anti-aging did not develop overnight. His upbringing in a Latter-day Saint household, as well as his education at Brigham Young University and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, have all contributed to this outcome. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Braintree, which was eventually sold to PayPal for a whopping $800 million in 2013.

However, following this success, Johnson's attention shifted to his personal quest for longevity. His anti-aging project, called Project Blueprint, combines cutting-edge science with meticulous lifestyle changes. 

Johnson's regimen, which includes caloric restriction and intermittent fasting as well as a slew of supplements and medications, goes to great lengths to maintain his youthfulness. 

The Blueprint stack unveiled

Johnson is now making a part of his regimen available to the public by releasing his Blueprint stack. This stack costs $343 USD and includes a carefully curated selection of nutritional supplements and foods. From a blueberry nut mix to extra virgin olive oil and Johnson's special "longevity mix," each ingredient is carefully selected to promote overall health and vitality.


In an X post announcing the release, Johnson boldly declared his stack to be "second only to Mother's milk." Johnson aims to make longevity accessible to all, highlighting that the stack costs less than a typical fast food meal. Over 1,000 clinical trials support its efficacy. 

Criticism and controversy

Despite Johnson's strong belief in his regimen, it has not been without criticism. Some experts have expressed concerns about the scientific validity of his approach, citing the FDA's warnings about certain practices. Moshe Szyf, a professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at McGill University, has questioned the feasibility of Johnson's claims. 

Johnson, on the other hand, is undeterred and continues to advocate for his lifestyle choices and the potential benefits they provide. With a panel of doctors watching his every move and a commitment to ongoing research and experimentation, he's determined to push the limits of what's possible in the anti-aging field.

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Know more about Bryan Johnson:

What is the 'Blueprint stack'?
The 'Blueprint stack' is a collection of nutritional supplements and foods curated by Bryan Johnson as part of his anti-aging regimen.

How much does the 'Blueprint stack' cost?
The 'Blueprint stack' is priced at USD 343 for a 30-day supply. Johnson claims that it costs less than fast food and is backed by over 1,000 clinical trials.

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