Who is N3ON? Everything to know about YouTuber as video of him getting detained by cops goes viral online

Rangesh Mutama aka N3ON is an American YouTuber and Kick streamer who often goes viral on the internet for weird and hilarious videos.

Published on Feb 24, 2024  |  11:07 AM IST |  279.4K
Image Courtesy: YouTube/ NEON
Image Courtesy: YouTube/ NEON
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  • YouTuber N3ON gets pulled over by cops whgile streaming online
  • Who is YouTuber N3ON?

Controversial kickstreamer N3on has gone viral on social media once again. N3on was stopped in mid-stream by sheriff's deputies in a video that went viral on the internet, and TMZ has discovered the precise reason why, and it's hilarious.

N3ON gets pulled over by cops

Recently, a video was uploaded to Kick featuring N3on, a famous Gen-Z YouTuber and streamer, showing the 19-year-old celebrity and his group being stopped by deputies in West Hollywood.

TMZ reported that N3on and his group were stopped, according to law enforcement, because their car was reported stolen, which the police car's plate readers detected and reported.

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During a routine felony car stop, N3on was forced to exit the vehicle by cops using force. N3on then disclosed to them that the car had been reported stolen and subsequently found by the Los Angeles Police Department. To put it another way, it was compromised and discovered before their knowledge of the update.

The car hadn't been removed from the system, deputies discovered after confirming N3on's story. After being informed of the issue, N3on was released without further issues.

Who is N3ON?

American YouTuber turned streamer Rangesh Mutama first gained fame on Twitch and YouTube as an NBA 2K content designer. When he first started streaming in 2019, he decided to play a variety of NBA 2K titles for more than three years, allocating more than 80% of his total stream time to this activity.


Rangesh spent most of his time grinding NBA games, but he finally got his "big break" when he started working with other up-and-coming streamers to create content specifically for Fortnite.

For now, Kick, Twitch, and YouTube are the places where Rangesh streams every day. To keep his loyal audience interested and entertained, he keeps engaging in controversial actions.

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What is N3ON's net worth?
N3ON's net worth is $1 million.

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