Woman sets fire on beautician's car in eyelash extension appointment dispute; See here

A woman in Chicago took drastic measures after failing to schedule appointment with her beautician for eyelash extensions. Marcella, the beautician in question, discovered her car engulfed in flames.

Published on Apr 23, 2024  |  07:45 PM IST |  46.4K
(Image Courtesy: Instagram)
Image Courtesy: Instagram/ lashedbycella
Key Highlight
  • A woman in Chicago sets fire to beautician's car as she failed to book eyelash extension appointment
  • Marcella, the beautician, shares alleged text exchanges between her and the disgruntled client

A woman in Chicago went to extreme lengths after failing to get an appointment for eyelash extensions with her beautician. Marcella, the beautician in question, discovered her car engulfed in flames, allegedly set by one of her clients with whom she had denied an appointment as per News9Live. The incident sparked outrage and gained traction on social media platforms. 

Eyelash extension appointment leads to arson 

Marcella, a well-known beautician in Chicago, was recently caught up in an incident involving one of her clients. Marcella faced a disturbing retaliation after informing the client that she was fully booked and unable to accommodate an eyelash extension appointment. Marcella's surveillance footage, which she shared on social media, captured the moment when the disgruntled client allegedly set fire to her car in retribution. 

Social media erupts with reactions 

The video of the burning car quickly spread on social media, gaining widespread attention and condemnation. Marcella took to Instagram to document the ordeal, including alleged text messages between her and the accused client. The incident sparked a wave of online reactions, with many expressing shock and disbelief at the client's extreme measures in response to being denied an appointment.

In response to the incident, popular news outlet Dailymail posted the video on their Instagram page, expanding the story's reach. The outlet of the post read, “A woman is being accused of setting her lash tech’s car on fire after failing to secure an appointment. In an alleged text exchange between the two women, the lash tech tells the customer she is fully booked, causing the customer to become irate and call her names.” 


The post received a lot of attention, with users expressing their disbelief and outrage over the client's actions. Comments ranged from disbelief to dark humor, with many pointing out the absurdity of the situation. 

Beautician seeks support 

Following the incident, Marcella took to social media to seek support from her followers. She wrote a heartfelt Instagram post, thanking everyone for their encouragement and support during what she called a "very unfortunate time." Marcella also set up a GoFundMe page to help with the financial burden caused by the destruction of her car. 

Her plea for help has struck a chord with many, prompting a flood of donations and messages of solidarity from her followers. Despite the challenges she has faced, Marcella is determined to overcome this setback and continue serving her loyal clients.

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Know more about beautician Marcella:

Who is Marcella?
Marcella is a beautician based in Chicago known for her expertise in eyelash extensions and other beauty services.

Why couldn't the client get an appointment with Marcella?
Marcella was fully booked and unable to accommodate the client's request for an appointment.

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