30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

In this men’s fade haircuts guide, we show you the best examples of every fade hairstyle imaginable as men are seeking out their flair and style.

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30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023
30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

Not a fan of hairstyles? Don't worry; even if you are unaware of it, you have most likely seen fade haircuts before. Men all around the world sport this slightly edgy yet utterly sophisticated haircut, which shot to fame in the 1950s. But what exactly does a "fade" mean? The definition of fade haircuts is uncomplicated: it simply designates a gradient of hair length that produces a fade look, sometimes fading to the skin and other times to very short hair.

Types of fade haircuts for men:

Choose from high, medium, or low fade haircuts; each has a distinctive aesthetic. In essence, you have more coverage because of the lower fade. Therefore, a low fade will gradually taper down your head, with the shortest cut occurring just above your ears, but a high fade leaves you with a mop-top and little else. the medium? It naturally falls somewhere in the middle. Which fade haircut is the greatest for you, then? Let's see without further ado.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

Here are the best types of fade haircuts for men:

1. Low fade haircuts with line up

Channel your inner GI Joe with a low fade buzz cut and a line-up (honestly, it works). The low-maintenance among us will love this get-up-and-go haircut, but you should freshen it up every few weeks.


2. Buzz cut with quick fade

Zayn Malik, among others, favors the buzz cut with quick fade because it is stylish, sleek, and full of pleasing angles. This fade hairstyle is short throughout and perfect for easy mornings.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

3. Low drop fade with pompadour

The low fade haircuts with pompadour transform anyone into a handsome gentleman. It is a spectacular fusion of the 50s pompadour and the categorically (20)20s low fade. It always wins when seen on well-known heads like Elvis Presley's.

4. Low taper fade with textured top

Have trouble letting go of your thick mop? With the low taper mid fade haircut and textured top, those strands will be preserved. This is a cut for the man-about-town—smart enough for the office but Friday-night ready.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

5. Low bald fade with curly fringe

Who has a natural curl? Give them the low bald fade with curling fringe rather than the snip. Show off your full head of curls with this fade with a (quite rounded) edge; many men would kill for it.

6. Box fade

A box fade is a stylish option for afro hair since it lets your 'fro run wild up top while still looking nice, put together, and clipped around your neck and ears. Although the typical "box" is rather angular, you can choose to be as sharp or relaxed as you like.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

7. Burst fade

Where the undercut steals the show is during the burst mid fade haircut. Yes, this striking fading haircut will bring attention to your neck and shoulders. You can style the top whichever untidy or sleek you desire.

8. Sideburn fade

Burn, baby, burn—I mean, sideburn. Check out the sideburn fade if you have great 'burns and have no intention of getting rid of them. This continuous fade, which somehow manages to make sideburns fashionable, looks great with a beard for a tough vibe.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

9. Low fade with hair design

Low fade haircuts with a hair design cut will transform your mop into a work of beauty. Your barber will use a '0' on the clippers to create a smooth pattern in your fade while you maintain your top hair unkempt. We're all about temporary hair art, so move over, bad tattoos.


10. Low bald fade

Ever wished you could look like any English football player? Look at the tight cut that transitions into a longer chop on top in the low bald fade. Try on this stylish haircut, which is appropriate for guys of various races and religious beliefs.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

11. Bald drop fade

This short fade haircuts for men taper from (slightly) longer on top to bald-as-you-like towards your neck and ears, allowing you to go as high or low as you please. We adore the creative freedom this fade offers: choose a hair fade design for added quirkiness, or keep it basic.

12. Side part fade

The side part mid fade haircut, which is reminiscent of the Peaky Blinder cast, shows that side partings survived the Roaring Twenties. The side part fade, a modern twist on the classic trend, propels this asymmetrical appearance headlong into the twenty-first century.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

13. Bald low fade (Skin Fade)

With the bald low fade or skin fade, you can save your priceless locks (hey, not everyone has any). A messy top soon turns into a close shave, and you may wear it side-parted or brushed forward, depending on your preference.

14. Short hair fade

With a short hair fade, you can become "that guy with the excellent haircut." A close cut on the back and sides builds to a small mop that can be played with on top. These adaptable fade haircuts will take you from the desk to the dance floor while giving you a well-groomed appearance.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

15. Buzz cut with line up and low temple fade

Choose this sleek variant of the traditional fade for a fade cut that is as clean-cut as your school workbook's geometry. This appearance is close-cut, with a noticeable design curving out from your temple, ensuring that all eyes are on you (for the right reasons).

16. Classic taper fade haircut

If you ask for this haircut, you might find yourself shoving women away (disclaimer: this is not guaranteed). With a clean shave around your nape, this dapper style makes the most of your natural hair.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023


17. Comb over medium fade

This red carpet-worthy fade haircut is a hot choice, as seen on the likes of JT (don't worry, post-NSYNC) and Brad Pitt. The hair is longer at the top for the crucial comb-over and quickly gets shorter until it is barely there.

18. Medium fade with side part haircut

Another Justin Timberlake favorite (would you believe it?! ), the medium fade with a side part haircut is a great way to flaunt a side part without looking like Jack Dawson (so 1912). Yes, you may comb it over if you'd like or leave it unkempt with this adaptable fade.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

19. Faded sides with faux hawk and design

Yes, it appears that fake hawks are back in style. No matter where you go if you try this fusion of styles, you'll be the star of the show. Close-cut fading sides and a pointed, edgy fake hawk are combined in this look by the cut-in design.

20. Mid fade haircut with bald spiky hair

Choose a mid-bald fade with spiky hair for that "ladies desire me, guys want to be me" attitude. This boyishly endearing fade haircut is a great option for males seeking a playboy appearance, making it simple to go straight from business meetings to margaritas.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

21. Medium faux hawk fade

An unruly head of hair on top, which you may faux-hawk or no-hawk as you please, balances off this understated haircut.

22. Mohawk fade

The mohawk fade is similar to the medium fade but considerably more prominent, making it an excellent medium haircut. These low fade haircuts, which make a statement, manage to be simultaneously bold, stylish, and intelligent.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

23. Curly hair fade

Have a curly 'fro but crave a fade haircut? Black men, congregate here. The curly hair fade makes the most of your mane while yet maintaining orderly styling with a close-cropped fade. To feel debonair, keep the top tumbling and spray it with a classy cologne.

24. Shaved sides with buzz cut

Eat your heart out, Tom Hardy: if you choose a buzz cut with shaved sides, you'll be letting your chiseled features and flawless skin speak for you. This high fade exudes bad-boy charisma and makes you appealing, signaling to everyone that you mean business.


30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

25. Mid fade haircut with textured comb over

We do love a good undercut. especially when a textured comb-over with buckets of attitude is added to the top. Naturally, this fade will require a little shaping in the morning, but the result is amazing.

26. Long hair fade

What if it were possible to wear both a short and long haircut at once? Well, there is the long hair fade, much like Schroedinger's (unlucky) feline. Keep your top hair in a tumble or tidy it up with a top knot, then use a fade down the underneath to highlight your natural silhouette.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

27. Long quiff high fade

The long quiff fade, the ideal fusion of two of our favorite trends, accentuates a high forehead. This fade hairstyle maintains a lengthy top that you may blow dry, quiff up, or comb over as you see fit while having a (very) short back and sides.

28. Slicked back hair with medium fade

#OMG. Like how your hair is styled back? With the slicked-back hair and mid fade haircut that provides a polished, put-together appearance, your wish is our command. Look no further if you want a fade cut that is as sophisticated as you.

30 Best fade haircuts ideas for men in 2023

29. Straight hair fade

The straight hair fade is the tuxedo of the barbering industry, equally stunning on Caucasian, Black, or Asian hair types. There is much freedom to experiment with the tufts left untamed on top, even though you are nearly bald around your ears and nape.


30. Medium pomp mid-fade haircut

The medium pomp fade is The One for smooth-talking volume (plus an additional inch to your height—hurray). Grease without the grease, this fade only needs a fast swipe of a nice style product on top to be ready to go (provided you remember to shampoo first).

Fade haircuts for men can be incredibly flattering and can add a stylish and structured element to whichever hairstyle you choose. They do require some upkeep, though. Visit your barber every three to four weeks if you don't feel comfortable using your razor to touch it up in the comfort of your own home or based on how quickly your hair grows. Some cuts can last up to six weeks.

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What is a fade haircut?
A fade is a short haircut where the sides are clipped and buzzed to create a smooth gradient effect from longer to shorter. There are several different types of fades, which are named for the point at which the transition starts – high up on the head, at

What does a fade haircut look like?
A fade is most visible from the side. From this angle, the haircut looks like a gradient of longer to shorter hair, usually with some skin visible. From the front, a fade may give you a similar look to a high-and-tight or a short-back-and-sides. However,

What is the best fade haircut?
The best fade haircut for you will depend on your hair’s thickness and your face shape. In general, the most popular fade haircuts for men is the low, mid, and high fade.

How do you cut a fade haircut?
To achieve a fade haircut, which features short hair near the neck that gradually becomes longer toward the top of the head, plan your style before starting. Once you’ve decided where your fade will start, begin using clippers to trim your hair. Change th

How to Choose a Fade haircut?
Select a mid fade or taper fade for a classic and flattering appearance. Choose a high fade or skin fade for a bold and fashionable appearance. Try a low fade or subtle temp fade for an understated take on this hairstyle trend. Tailor your faded hairstyle

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