Can Yuuji Save Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 257? Here's What This May Cost Him

Yuuji Itadori might be able to save Megumi from the grasps of Sukuna, but here is why that might cause an even bigger calamity.

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The article contains major spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen manga

Chapter 256 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga showed us that Yuuji Itadori has finally been able to awaken his cursed technique. And even though we cannot see what the technique actually is until its proper reveal in the next chapter, fans are sure that he is now strong enough to match Sukuna’s powers and kick him out of Megumi’s body. But that could have really dangerous consequences as Sukuna is in possession of Master Tengen’s body.

Master Tengen and Kenjaku’s merger 

The villainous cursed spirit Kenjaku revealed his plans for a merger of humanity with Master Tengen a while ago in the manga. Kenjaku’s plans involved merging the ancient and immortal cursed being Master Tengen with humanity to fully optimize cursed energy. The whole point of the Culling Games that he orchestrated was to see this come to fruition. 

According to Kenjaku, the merger of Tengen, who is an ancient Jujutsu Sorcerer and an immortal being with an insane amount of cursed energy, with humanity will result in a superior cursed being. Due to his curiosity to see what happens after the merger, he even kidnapped Master Tengen from his chambers and gave him to the King of Curses Sukuna before ultimately dying. This means that Sukuna is now in possession of Master Tengen’s body and his fight with Yuuji Itadori might as well be the only barrier between humanity’s biggest threat.


Saving Megumi’s body might not be the best idea for Yuuji 

The bond that Yuuji and Megumi shared during the short time they were friends was something truly special. However, after most of his friends and mentors have died in truly horrible ways, Yuuji might want to save Megumi’s body from the clutches of the ruthless Sukuna even though his friend will probably not survive. However, this might not be a good idea for the long run. 

The 256th chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen focused on the fight between multiple sorcerers and Sukuna. In the end, we saw Laure distracting the King of Curses with his cursed technique which gave Itadori an opening to land a black flash on Sukuna. Just as the chapter was about to end, we saw the narrator say that Yuuji Itadori has finally awakened his Cursed Technique. This is huge news because till now, Itadori was only able to channel his cursed energy through his martial arts skill and his innate strength. But this time around, the protagonist will be able to fight at his highest skill level now that his Cursed Technique has unlocked. 


Even though this gives him an upper hand in his fight against Sukuna, who is at his weakest right now, it might not be enough to end the King of Curses. If Yuuji manages to somehow kick Sukuna out of Megumi’s body, he will look for the next best alternative, which is Master Tengen. This will force Sukuna to either merge himself with Tengen, which is not a very smart plan as Tengen’s body is not really fit for fighting. However, he could also choose to initiate Tengen’s merger with humanity, which will leave him with a cursed spirit with immense cursed energy and strength at his disposal. This could bring about another level of chaos which even Yuuji might not be strong enough to face. What happens after this will be revealed in chapter 257 which will be coming out later this month after a short hiatus.


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