Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21: Laios And Party To Reach The Golden Country; Spoilers From The Manga

Kabru and Shuro confront the Western Elves on the surface as Laios' group ventures into the golden country. For more, find out the Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21 manga spoilers here.

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Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix
Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]

With Laios, Senshi, Chilchuck, and Marcille now having accepted a new group member and continuing with their journey into the dungeon depths, Kabru and Shuro confront the Western Elves on the surface. To find out what happens next in Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21, keep reading for all the spoilers from the manga we’ve found.

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Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21 manga spoilers

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21 is titled Egg/The Golden Country and will likely adapt Chapters 45 to 46 of the manga. The episode will likely begin above ground as Kabru and Shuro's parties emerge from a teleportation spell onto the surface. They deliberate whether to proceed immediately to the Lord or take some rest.

Mickbell from Kabru's party suddenly notices a massive ship on the sea. Kabru recognizes it as the ship of the Western Elves. He enlightens Shuro about the elves' mission to investigate and potentially conquer dungeons, especially when the danger surpasses a certain threshold. Concerned about the implications of the elves' arrival, Kabru fears the potential consequences, especially given the Lord's lack of negotiation skills.

Kabru later shares with Shuro his past experiences with the elves, revealing a tragic history of loss and devastation in his hometown caused by their intervention. Kabru expresses reluctance towards the elves taking control due to this in Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21. As Shuro and Kabru discuss their next steps, they encounter Namari with Kiri and Kara, leading to discussions about the current situation – the elves had already begun talking to the Lord.


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Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]

Kabru is determined to prevent history from repeating itself, prompting him to confront the authorities. Kabru's past experiences with the elves come to light during the meeting, revealing that he was once under their wing after being the sole survivor of Utaya. He manages to convince the elves not to enter the dungeon and instead seal it.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Senshi prepares Soul Eggs Benedict. However, the tranquil meal is interrupted when Izutsumi senses a ‘presence,’ sending Chilchuck into a panic in Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21. Yet, this is a revelation for Laios, confirming that his visions of spirits were not mere hallucinations. Encouraged by the group, Laios initiates a conversation with the spirit, acknowledging its role in saving them from the Lunatic Magician.

The spirit expresses discontent at being perceived as malevolent and offers to introduce them to someone, leading to a surreal journey through a different plane. Waking up on a road, the group encounters a unicorn-drawn wagon manned by a curious boy who questions their origins. They divulge their origins, prompting the boy to usher them into the town. Laios is fascinated by the fact that the monsters coexist with the villagers, albeit without certain precautions for outsiders' safety.


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Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]

While Laios inquires about the golden castle, the boy offers insights into their selection and attempts to introduce them to the town's leader. However, the leader's absence prompts the group to engage with the villagers. As Laios and Senshi venture outside to witness monster husbandry and Dryad fields, respectively, in Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21, Chilchuck, Marcille, and Izutsumi rest indoors.

Later, after they regroup, Laios questions Izutsumi's attachment to Marcille, and Marcille wonders if she is being affected by the non-aggression barriers around the place due to her origins as a half-monster. The group is then invited to a meal with Yaad, the leader. They are served Minotaur dishes due to Laios’ request.

Yaad later reveals the repercussions of the immortality spell that the Lunatic Magician cast upon them, where they could no longer taste or feel hunger in Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21. Further discussions unveil a prophecy about one with a ‘winged sword’ whom they believe to be Laios. When they inspect Keisuke, they notice that the sword now also features a lion’s head, and Yaad is even more convinced that the prophecy spoke of Laios as the winged lion was their diety.


Yaas further reveals that the one who defeats the Lunatic Magician becomes king and then attempts to persuade Laios to promise to kill the Lunatic Magician and save them all. As this was a weighty decision, Laios puts off making it lightly. As Delicious In Dungeon Episode 21 draws to a close, Laios will seemingly have made his decision as he holds Keisuke.

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*The spoilers provided here are not official and should be taken with caution. Fans are advised to wait for the official release for canonical content.

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