One Piece Anime First Look Of Elbaf Island; Here's What To Expect

One Piece Episode 1109 revealed the anime's first look at the mysterious Elbaf. Elbaf is the home of the giants, although not all giants come from there.

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One Piece is preparing for the Egghead Arc's real conflict, with fans getting a sneak peek at the legendary Elbaf in the latest episode. The anime is adapting the first arc of the Final Saga for Eiichiro Oda's original manga series, setting up major events for the grand finale, including seeing previously unnamed locations and characters. This preview of the anime's grand finale is expected to be a thrilling experience for fans.

One Piece shares first look at Elbaf Island 

The search for missing Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece: Egghead Arc has seen Luffy and the Straw Hats engaging in fights with the Seraphim. Meanwhile, Red-Haired Shanks' crew is making progress at Elbaf, the legendary home of giants, as the hunt for One Piece intensifies. Fans can also see other locations getting active in the hunt.

In One Piece Episode 1109, Luffy and the Straw Hats might face a major battle against the Seraphim, while fans are introduced to another seaside location. Eustass Kid's path leads him to Elbaf, where Shanks' crew injured Kid and took his arm. The two crews are now preparing for battle, similar to how Law and Blackbeard faced off against Blackbeard.

As Shanks is after the Road Ponegliffs that Kidd had in his possession, he's going to fight and try and take them as he is also now trying to reach the One Piece. During all of this fans get a reunion with Brogy and Dorry in their home island of Elbaf, which is revealed to be a serene place.


It's clear that this island is on the path towards Laugh Tale, so this is far from the final time that we'll see it in motion. But depending on what happens, it might be the final time we see it in such a serene way. 

A brief about Elbaf Island 

Elbaf, a giant-inhabited island and kingdom in the New World, is known for its powerful army. It was first mentioned in the Little Garden Arc and was a desired destination for Luffy and Usopp. It was first shown in a flashback during the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Elbaf is located in a region called Warland. The waters around Warland were also noted to be dangerous, featuring gigantic fauna such as fish the size of ships and even bigger walruses.The forests on Elbaf are said to be home to monstrous and colossal beasts. It is also located east of Wano Country and northeast of Egghead.


Elbaf Village is where Dorry, Brogy, Oimo, Kashii, and Hajrudin among others lived. It is close to Sheep's House and is located near a forest. It was enveloped in a sea of flames when Charlotte Linlin went on a rampage. The village has a rule about quarrels which dictate that unless it can be resolved, those involved ought to leave to seek judgment from their god through battle. It is where a traditional meal of Semla is held before the Winter Solstice Festival is held.

Elbaf's army is famed for its strength. When Carmel brought on the possibility that Elbaf might send their army to declare war against the world for execution of their Giant Warrior Pirates members, the Marines released the captives in fear of such a possible event, a fear they did not show even in the advent of war against the entire Whitebeard Pirates 100 years later.

One Piece (Toei Animation, Crunchyroll)

Linlin believed that had she been able to ally with the armies of Elbaf via marriage, she would have been able to overthrow the rest of the Four Emperors and claim the title of Pirate King.


Elbaf is also used as a term of pride. In addition, it seems that the giants of Elbaf feel a strong sense of belonging to their nation, being proud to die in a glorious way to offer their honor to Elbaf as a treasure. Similarly, Dorry wanted to fight against Brogy despite his injuries because he didn't want to dishonor his country.

Every year, the denizens hold a certain traditional festival known as the Winter Solstice. As the name suggests, it is held during the end of the year to pay their gratitude to the sun. A similar belief on Elbaf is the legend of the Sun God Nika, who supposedly fought with a body that stretched and contracted. Whether the Winter Solstice refers to Nika specifically, however, is currently unknown.

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