One Piece Episode 1106 Finally Brings Vivi Back; Here's What the Story Eyes Ahead

One Piece finally brought Princess Vivi back to the anime with Episode 1106. Vivi is an incredibly important character in the world of One Piece.

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One Piece Episode 1106 Finally Brings Vivi Back
Vivi in One Piece (PC: Toei Animation)

One Piece has introduced Princess Nefertari Vivi to the anime, focusing on the upcoming chaotic phase of Egghead Arc. Luffy and the Straw Hats are searching for Dr. Vegapunk to escape from a future island laboratory. Meanwhile, fans receive updates on the rest of the world, as the World Government is closely monitoring them.

One Piece: Egghead Arc is now revealing how the rest of the world is seeing what's going down on Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory. A new update in One Piece Episode 1106 reveals how Morgans is taking the news and twisting it so it seems like the Straw Hats are holding the scientist hostage, and it's also shockingly revealed that both Vivi and Wapol are there with him as well as he's hiding them from someone.

Vivi is back in the One Piece anime 

Vivi is an incredibly important character in the world of One Piece. To the fans, she is just as important as any other Straw Hat and many consider her to be a member of the crew already, including Oda himself. Although Vivi has not featured in One Piece all that often after the conclusion of the Arabasta arc, her importance is still paramount, especially now that the story is in the Final Saga.


Vivi in One Piece (Toei Animation)

In One Piece Episode 1106, Vivi returns to the anime to protest a story Morgans is writing about the Straw Hats. She is distressed by the news's portrayal of Luffy's actions, such as holding Dr. Vegapunk hostage. Wapol, also present, warns Vivi not to speak against Morgans, as he is providing shelter from the World Government, which could wipe them out.

It's unclear as to why Vivi and Wapol are hiding from the World Government, and what their current situation is, but Morgans teases how intense it might be as he reveals that Vivi had been crying until shortly before her return to the anime in the newest episode. With the Egghead Arc continuing to release more of its episodes and teasing even more reveals to come, we'll likely get a new update on Vivi's current situation before too long. 

Exploring the character of Vivi

Nefertari Vivi is the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom. She is the daughter of Nefertari Cobra and Titi, and along with the rest of her family, she bears the initial D. in her name. During her childhood, Vivi was part of the Suna Suna Clan, being the vice-leader of the group led by her friend Koza.


Vivi debuted as one of the main antagonists of the Reverse Mountain Arc as a Bounty Hunter, under the Baroque Works codename Miss Wednesday. During this time, she was partnered with fellow Frontier Agent, Mr. 9. However, after the events of the Whisky Peak Arc, Vivi and her pet duck Karoo ended up joining the Straw Hat Pirates for most of the Arabasta Saga once she was discovered to be a spy plotting against Baroque Works.

Vivi left the Straw Hats after defeating Baroque Works to stay in her home country, but is still considered a member of the crew and has been keeping track of their progress throughout the series. After escaping Mary Geoise, Vivi became a fugitive and went into hiding from Imu and the Five Elders.

Vivi in One Piece (Toei Animation)

As a princess, Vivi has a great deal of authority in her country. With the death of her father, she is currently the highest authority of the Arabasta Kingdom.


Vivi, with a natural talent for diplomacy, demonstrated her wisdom even as a child. She acted with wisdom and understanding, even when slapped by Wapol. During her childhood trip to the Levely, she managed to protect herself from Baroque Works agents and persuade Zoro and Nami to protect her.

During her travels with the Straw Hats, she kept the crew focused, calm, and motivated. When they reached Drum Island, she persuaded Luffy not to attack the villagers and put on a brave face after being shot in the arm. Her courage convinced the villagers to allow them into the village peacefully.

After the battle against Baroque Works, Vivi convinced the royal guards and rebels of her country to stop fighting and killing each other, effectively ending the needless civil war started by Crocodile.

Vivi, a skilled spy, has demonstrated her ability to move undetected, having been a member of Baroque Works for two years. However, her identity was compromised, and she returned to Arabasta unnoticed. Her actions were unnoticed by the Marines, World Government, and Warlord of the Sea Crocodile for over two years.

Eventually, Miss All Sunday blew her cover. Since leaving the Straw Hats, Vivi has managed to maintain her role as a princess while keeping her past as a Baroque Works agent and a pirate crew companion secret from the Marines and the World Government.


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