Dear Oppa: An Indian ATINY wishes ATEEZ San on his birthday and recounts all his amazing feats

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Ruben Jerom from India dedicates her sweet letter to the ATEEZ San. Read her letter below.

Anoushka Mathew
Written by Anoushka Mathew , Writer (K-pop, K-drama)
Published on Jul 12, 2021 | 05:25 PM IST | 475.9K
Ateez San
Ateez San; Picture Courtesy: News1

ATEEZ San is known to have one of the strongest on stage presence in the industry with his dedication to comeback concepts, distinct vocal tone and vocal stability. He has one of the most contradicting personalities on stage and off stage, where on stage he is bold, confident and dark but off stage he has a very soft and timid personality and is often babied by his group. His kind and encouraging words always console ATINYs and even during this tough time, ATINYs around the world are wishing him a very happy birthday and are praying for his recovery. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Ruben Jerom from India to ATEEZ San. Read her letter below.

Dear San,

Today is the birthday of an extremely important person in my life, ATEEZ's Choi San. So finally, it's July 10th, this is my first birthday with you and it feels surreal. I guess it goes without saying that I have a lot to say, so this letter will be a long one. I started stanning ATEEZ in 2020. When the world had just started going into a tough phase. After getting to know ATEEZ for a while, I decided I should think about bias, but it was extremely difficult...(I mean it). But then, after a few months, my eyes kept seeing one member named San. During V-LIVEs, on their YouTube channel, in group photos etc. you just continued to stand out in the crowd. I never really understood what is so great about you that I kept falling for you. I liked you more than any single idol I had ever seen in my entire life. Then, I started and tried to learn who Choi San is and nothing has changed ever since. My love for you has only grown more and more. You are the most kind and loving person I know, and your heart is so pure and beautiful. You put others before yourself and would rather stay sad, if it puts a smile on the one’s around you. Whether it be dancing, singing, friendship, handling a responsibility you make sure you give it your all. You are the definition of “perfection” for me, and I know you are not perfect and you do make mistakes, probably a lot of them. But that is what makes you, a human at the end of the day, right?, I always noticed you would often mention your home-town, Namhae in South Korea, and whenever you mentioned it, you were extremely proud of where you were from, you are also the first and only Idol from Namhae till now.


You were recently officially certified as the Ambassador Of Namhae. Your love for Namhae never fell short, whenever you mention Namhae that pride and dignity can be seen on your face. Who knew that a person could love his home-town so much that he would just turn out to be it's Ambassador. I can assure one thing, Ambassador or not, you will always talk about and love Namhae the same way you did when you were just a little boy who came with a dream to make your home-town and family proud, and as you did. I assume Namhae wasn't a very famous place before but now, If i ever get the chance to come to Korea, I will definitely visit Namhae. Since that is where, the Pride of Namhae and my star, Choi San was born. You still have a lot in life to accomplish with which challenges will come, but I'm sure you will cross all those troubles in life and become a successful man in life. I once got to know the meaning behind your name, and why your father had put it, and I was truly surprised. Your father named you San because he wanted you to be a comforting hill for some people and for others an enormous mountain that nobody dares to challenge, and truly you have become that.


Your life was such a beautiful adventure that I am proud to say that you deserve to be where you are right now. Your smile can make me smile because that is what kind of a human being you are, even when you are singing and dancing I can feel every single emotion in that song because, I know you make sure that in everything that you do, you do your best. After knowing about you and learning about how amazingly and lovingly you were brought up, I know that even if you are the biggest star, you will still be one of the most humble people I know. I thought “falling in love” was just a myth but meeting you, changed my mind. After knowing everything about you, I don't think I ever need to bring up the question, “what is so special about you?'' or “why do I love you?”. I have a lot more to say, but I can't express all my feelings for you on a piece of paper. And I hope ATEEZ grows to be one of the biggest boy bands on the planet, because you people truly deserve it. Lastly, San thank you for everything, for your love, compassion and for the ever-loving love you have for your ATINY. Thanks for being that person in my life, who inspires me, spreads positivity, and shows how important family and friends are, and thanks for being my SANshine. For showing that there can be a bright side of life too and if you have a dream, never forget to chase it, just like you did and I'm proud to call you my role model, thanks for being my happy place and bringing happiness into my life. I will always support you and will make sure I give you the love you deserve from my part. I wish you the best for today, tomorrow and for all the wonderful years to come ahead


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