EXCLUSIVE: Loki star Tom Hiddleston cycled past Mohan Kapur but Ms Marvel star didn't spot him for THIS reason

It was previously revealed that Bollywood actor Mohan Kapur has been roped in to play the father's role in Ms Marvel. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, the actor spoke about his audition, working with Marvel Studios and watching Tom Hiddleston ride a cycle past him.
EXCLUSIVE: Loki star Tom Hiddleston cycled past Mohan Kapur but Ms Marvel star didn't spot him for THIS reason
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Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 features numerous television series that fans are looking forward to. While WandaVision kicks off MCU Phase 4 this weekend, the phase also features shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What If...?, Loki, She-Hulk, Hawkeye and Ms Marvel. While we've been hearing updates about the series over the past few weeks, our hearts sprung with joy when we learned an Indian actor was a part of one of these series. It was previously revealed that Bollywood actor Mohan Kapur will star in Ms Marvel. 

The actor, who was seen in Sadak 2 last year, will play Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel's father on the show. Soon after the announcement, Pinkvilla caught up with Mohan for a quick chat about the project and his experience of working with Marvel Studios. The B-town star recalled learning about the casting during the lockdown and he auditioned for the role with the help of his friend. 

"I requested a friend because the audition part was between me and my daughter, I called a male friend of mine and said, 'yaar please come with your mask and all, and help me shoot this audition.' He was very kind and he came over we shot the audition. That was on August 12th and we sent it. The casting director at Marvel loved it so it just (worked). October I flew and we began filming in the first week of November," he recalled. 



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"I am playing the father, it is a really nice role and I can relate to it, not that I am a father (laughs) but I have played a lot of these kinds of roles in India too. But this one is special," he added. Before making his way to the sets, Mohan revealed he was sent the Ms Marvel comics and connected with Ms Marvel's co-creator Sana Amanat digitally. Once he landed in Atlanta, the actor met the team and carried out readings with them. However, Mohan added, the team couldn't socialise due to COVID-19. 

"The whole cast sat together, we had readings for the episodes. There wasn't much we could socialise, we would have all loved to go out for dinners and things like that. But we were all under very strict quarantine, and we still are. Of course, it is basically up to us to be responsible and everyone in the cast and crew also, they are all being responsible," he said. Mohan added that Marvel is strict with the COVID measures on sets. While a COVID officer is always on sets, governing the shoot, the cast and crew also take a COVID-19 test thrice a week to ensure safety. 

While Ms Marvel marks Mohan's first Hollywood acting project, he is also possibly the first Bollywood actor to star in a Marvel Studios project. Talking about the milestone, Mohan said he is blessed to be working in Hollywood and in a Marvel project is like godsent. "For me, of course, I am representing my country, but I am also representing my film industry on whose stepping stones over the years has led me to come and let me be a part of this. I am not a sportsman but I feel like a sportsman in the acting arena, it feels really proud that I am representing my country. So everything I do, it should be of calibre. It feels damn good," he said. 



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Although Mohan encountered numerous new people on the sets of Ms Marvel, the actor experienced a sense of familiarity courtesy his co-star Zenobia Shroff, who plays Kamala's mother on the show. "The lady playing my wife, Zenobia Shroff, is from Mumbai. She is Parsi from Mumbai. She has been tutored in theatre by Pearl Padamsee and I have done theatre with Pearl and her daughter Raell Padamsee. When we started comparing notes, we realised that we have so many friends in common," he said. 

Ms Marvel is being shot at the Trilith Studios in Atlanta. The location has doubled up as a venue for several other Marvel Studios, including Loki. Asked if he crossed paths with any other MCU star at the studio, Mohan recalled an incident involving Tom Hiddleston. "We are shooting in the same studios, Pinewood Studios, it has got different floors. One day, this was when we were still doing readings, we were all just standing and waiting for our vans to come and head back home. Suddenly someone from the sets comes and asks, 'Hey, did you see them?' I asked, 'See who?' 'The guys who just went cycling by?' I said 'I saw two people, everyone's in masks.' (I was informed) it was Tom Hiddleston. I said, 'What? Tom Hiddleston, you mean Loki?' Arre yaar, yeh mask ne toh jeena haram kar rakha hai yaar, main bhaag ke uska autograph leta, I would have taken a selfie and all of that," he said. 

He also added that Jason Bateman is living in the building the MCU actor resides at. But he hasn't met anyone due to the COVID bubble. "I haven't bumped into anybody due to this mask," he adds. Asked if we could see any of the MCU actors appearing in Ms Marvel, Mohan said he wasn't aware of such a development as of yet. "There are chances of cameos but we don't know," he said.

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