From Lovely Runner to My Liberation Notes; 5 K-dramas where male leads are total 'simps' for female protagonists

Discover the top 5 K-dramas whose male leads will completely win over your heart with their dedication and respect for the female protagonists. Read on!

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Byeon Woo Seok, Son Suk Ku: Images from tvN, JTBC
Byeon Woo Seok, Son Suk Ku: Images from tvN, JTBC

We all love soft-hearted K-drama male leads who treat their ladies right. From Lovely Runner to My Liberation Notes, these K-dramas have gifted us some beloved leading male characters, who will stay close to our hearts forever. So let’s discover 5 K-dramas where the male leads are huge ‘simps’ for their ladies.

Lovely Runner’s Byeon Woo Seok

tvN’s ongoing rom-com drama Lovely Runner is creating quite a buzz among the K-drama watchers. While viewers have already fallen in love with the on-screen couple Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon's chemistry, a separate fanbase has also been formed solely for the actor.

In this time-slip drama, the narrative initially revolves around Ryu Sun Jae (played by Byeon Woo Seok), a top K-pop idol and member of the band ECLIPSE, whose number of admires can barely be counted. 

Im Sol (played by Kim Hye Yoon) is one of his die-hard fans, whose dedication to him knows no bounds. When the K-pop idol loses his life tragically, Im Sol travels back in time when they were high schoolers in order to change his fate.

But, as the drama unfolds new plot points, viewers realize, much before Im Sol’s attention towards him, Ryu Sun Jae has been heads-over-heels for her. All along, he has been secretly protecting and caring for her. From holding an umbrella over her head when it rains to waiting for her before school,  these gestures of Ryu Sun Jae show how passionately he loves Im Sol.


My Liberation Notes’ Son Suk Ku

Set in the countryside, this blissful slice-of-life drama revolves around three siblings, who travel to the city every day for work. In their country house, there’s a mysterious man named Mr. Gu (played by Son Suk Ku), who gradually becomes well-acquainted with one of the siblings Yeom Mi Jeong (played by Kim Ji Won).

At one point, she asked him to worship her, and from there, the pair was dubbed as the ‘worship’ couple. As they fell in love with each other, there was a silent respect and dedication Mr. Gu had for Mi Jeong, that elevated his whole personality.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo's Nam Joo Hyuk

In this drama, Nam Joo Hyuk’s character Joon Hyung is an extremely supportive male lead. Not only does he passionately love Bok Joo (played by Lee Sung Kyung) despite her ‘tomboy’ appearance, but he also is the biggest fan of her athletic talents. He makes sure to treat her with tons of sweet dates and always supports her to advance in her career.


Fight for My Way’s Park Seo Joon

This popular rom-com drama revolves around the friends-to-lovers trope. The male lead Dong Man (played by Park Seo Joon) isn’t completely a beta character from the beginning.

However, when he falls in love with his childhood friend Ae Ra (played by Kim Ji Won), he transforms into a ‘simp’. His days become all about her, and at night he dreams of her. As he continues to support Ae Ra in everything she does, their romance flourishes into a beautiful relationship, that fans still can’t get over.

Because This is My First Life’s Lee Min Ki

When this drama premiered, fans were completely smitten by Lee Min Ki starrer male lead Nam Hee. He is an introverted character, who has a lot of layers to his personality. 

However what makes him a ‘simp’ is his utmost respect for his wife Ji So (played by Jung So Min). Despite having a contract marriage, he honors the relationship and treats her with overwhelming respect. He is also someone with a vast knowledge of the concept of consent. 


Nam Hee is someone viewers consider a ‘perfect boyfriend material’.

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