Attack on Titan: What does Subject of Ymir means and how are they different? DEETS inside

Attack on Titan has garnered huge attention over the last ten years as it remains one of the most influential anime series till now.

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Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has garnered huge attention over the last ten years as it remains one of the most influential anime series till now.

For those who have just turned towards the realm of Attack on Titan, Subjects of Ymir can be confused. Often people use Subjects of Ymir interchangeably with Eldian which is not right. So for the people who are confused about the subject of Ymir, we are here to explain what they mean and how they are different.  

What are the Subjects of Ymir?

Subjects of Ymir have been mentioned in numerous scenes throughout the Attack on Titan. Ymir Fritz is actually a founder of Titans. Thousands of years back while serving her father and King, Ymir Fritz got extremely wounded. She falls into a mysterious sinkhole which is filled with liquid. However, it turns out that it was a spinal fluid from a mysterious creature.

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Years later the Eldian King abuses Ymir Fritz's power to bring prosperity and growth for Eldians and they start believing Fritz as a Goddess. However, they soon find out that this power was a curse and not a gift that everyone believed to be. On the death of Ymir Fritz, her husband King Fritz orders their daughter to eat the former's corpse to preserve the power of Titan. Due to this procedure, the blood of Titan doesn’t disappear along with the possibility of creating Titans.


How are Subjects of Ymir different?

The Subjects of Ymir were related to the Eldians, who had descended from Ymir. Only the Eldians were capable of obtaining the power of Titan. Though most Eldians had Ymir’s blood there were some who did not. Therefore not everyone who was Eldian can possibly turn into Titan. Therefore the simple Eldians were those who didn’t reproduce with anyone who doesn’t have Ymir’s blood in them.    

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Attack on Titan

Will there be more seasons of Attack on Titan?
No, Season 4 Part 3 will be the last season.

How many seasons are there in Attack on Titan?
There are 4 seasons in total.

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