BTS writes a heartwarming letter to comfort ARMY with their stories: Hope is everywhere, keep going

Updated on Sep 16, 2020 08:02 PM IST  |  2.3M
BTS writes a heartwarming letter to comfort ARMY with their stories: Hope is everywhere, keep going

Specifically taking 2020 as an example, BTS has truly been like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy year for BTS ARMY as their music enveloped millions like a warm hug giving a sense of comfort and hope. Even though the members had their own trials and tribulations getting accustomed to a world with the COVID-19 pandemic, that didn't stop the septet from making music and entertaining their fans, giving them a distraction from the bittersweet reality. BTS have even opened up in the recent past about how angered, frustrated and helpless they feel of not being able to meet ARMY with the cancellation of the Map of the Soul Tour and as a gift, the boys released Dynamite to spread some cheer and happiness to the world.

Further giving ARMY a reason to adore BTS even more than possible, the septet wrote an emotional open letter to British Vogue dedicated to the fandom. Their letter began with an explanation of how we all grew up with stories and how they have instilled values within us as well as shaping the way we see the world. Noting that the world isn't too perfect right now with times being hard and fast-changing, BTS confessed how they too are disheartened and upset over there being no tours.

They were craving to perform Map of the Soul: 7's lead single ON live on stage with ARMY's loud cheers energising them but such was not the case. BTS shares with the world the feelings of disappointment, loss, and void while understanding the difficulties even if they cannot fathom their depth. "Regardless, we stand with you," the septet penned. Talking about their own story which is music, BTS find themselves deeply fortunate with the love they have and still do receive, finding it a surreal feeling. The septet, who has grown to become so much than they imagined, is thankful as more and more people sing and dance to their music and are aware that many people are influenced and inspired by their words and messages.

"We, BTS, are just seven young men growing and learning like everyone else in the world, but we wish to tell you: hope is everywhere — keep going," BTS added to British Vogue. The septet also wrote about how they able to reach out to ARMY through Bang Bang Con: The Live, working on their new album which has more creative input from the members than ever before and releasing Dynamite, a message of hope which gave a breakthrough that helped them stop feeling disheartened.

For BTS, their stories are their music and their happiness lies in being able to sing and perform while their joy comes from ARMY who give them the extraordinary experience of sharing their stories with millions. In their parting words to British Vogue, BTS share how stories have made the seven individuals' world and as a septet, they tell their stories to the world as "a message of comfort and hope. And we hope this message reached you as well,"

Leave it to BTS to leave us in tears with their hopeful words of comfort!

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Recently, at a global press conference, when BTS was asked about their goals post Dynamite making history by debuting at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, Jimin had shared, "There are things we have to do and can do. In the future, we will continue with our performances which we can. The current situation with COVID-19 is dire and in order for it to end, so many people are doing their best, trying to crack down on the disease. More time and energy is required for it to end. We need everyone to come together as a combined effort is needed."

"I know that we can't do anything about the hurt that has already occurred but what we can do is heal these people to the best of our abilities. We will do our very best to make that happen. This will be our new goal," ChimChim continued while adding, "When it comes to the career aspect, as Suga shared, I would like to show people in other countries that there is a group called BTS. I would love to put on a concert too."


Anonymous : BTS need a break and going away for military would be the best for them.
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Anonymous : Thank you BTS for your awesome message love u BTS God bless BTS as always sarangae
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Thank you BTS for a such a great blessing thank you so much. I always wish that BTS members go to more and more success and have beautiful and happy moments in life. Atlwast thank you BTS for everything.only you can make smile on Army's face. Love you
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : BTS has been the light in the dark for so many of us ARMY. I am so thankful that their message of Love and Acceptance is reaching a greater audience. Love BTS for who they are and becoming ARMY is inevitable! Forgive those Army who go to far and don't follow the true message of BTS.
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Anonymous : Thank you BTS for blessing all of Army with awesome messages, hope & music. Love BTS! God Bless BTS always!
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