Cannes Film Festival 2024: Sean Baker And Mikey Madison's Dramedy Anora Gets 7.5 Minutes Standing Ovation

Sean Baker impressed the Cannes Film Festival yet another year, with his dramedy movie Anora. His latest film stars the Better Things actress Mikey Madison.

Published on May 22, 2024  |  02:51 PM IST |  48.3K
Sean Baker shines again at the Cannes Film Festival 2024
Sean Baker (IMDb)

Just as movie buffs are familiar with his fabulous works, even the Cannes has watched Sean Baker climb the stairs of success and respect. During this year's festival, his latest movie Anora became one of his many projects to get a grand acclamation. 

The drama-comedy, brings forth a tale of two young love birds, along with a touch of adventure and humor.

Sean Baker’s Anora at the Cannes Film Festival

As hilarious as Sean Baker’s latest film is, it still manages to touch the audience with its great portrayal of drama on screen. Anora, which depicts the story of a s*x worker and the son of a Russian oligarch premiered on Tuesday, at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

Following its screening, the audience at the prestigious event was hugely stirred by its brilliant direction, the storyline, and the movie’s sense of action and adventure. Anora got a 7.5-minute standing ovation after Tuesday’s premiere.  

However that was not the only way, the movie watchers showed their enthralled emotions towards Anora. Throughout its runtime, the audience was seen to erupt with cheers as stated by Variety. 

The viewers seemed to have liked a particular scene where the Russian oligarch’s men raid his son’s mansion. Baker, who has become a very familiar face at the Cannes Film Festival and the one to earn huge respect stated, “Thank you to the Cannes Film Festival for making dreams come true …” 

During his speech, following the ovation, the director also thanked everyone for watching his work “on the best screen in the world.” “Long live cinema!” he concluded his speech with.

About Anora

The two-hour Sean Baker movie stars Mikey Madison as the lead actress. She plays the character of Anora, a 23-year-old stripper, who works at a strip club, right outside of New York City.

In the movie, she meets Vanya, played by Mark Eydelshteyn. He is the son of a Russian oligarch. Together they are shown to hit the road on their way to Las Vegas and end up getting married. 

However, as this news reaches the parents of Vanya, the couple is chased by Russian gangsters, in an attempt to separate them and end their marriage. 

The movie happens to catch the audience’s attention with perfectly choreographed action sequences and also by the intelligent delivery of witty dialogue. The film even has plenty of intimate scenes that show the newly developing love between Vanya and Anora.  

The indie studio, Neon, which has also been associated with Anatomy of a Fall and Parasite, is now handling the distribution duties of Anora.

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What are the other credits of Mikey Madison?
Mikey Madison has also starred in Better Things and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Who has directed The Florida Project?
Sean Baker has directed The Florida Project.

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