Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Ava and Harris's Date Spark a New Love Story?

In the upcoming episode of Days of our Lives, February 4, 2024 : Ava and Harris set aside their troubles for a romantic date, hinting at a potential new love story.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives.

In the upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, Ava and Harris decide to take a break from all the drama and spend some quality time together. It's a must-see episode!

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights:

Ava isn't letting Clyde's blackmail get in the way of her happiness, especially when it comes to Harris. They go on their first official date, sparking hopes for a blossoming romance between them. Meanwhile, Rafe and Jada find themselves in the spotlight as they have some explaining to do about recent events.

Elsewhere, Everett and Stephanie stumble upon a surprising discovery that leaves them shocked. What they find will surely have repercussions, but how will they handle it? Tune in to find out all the twists and turns in this exciting episode of Days of our Lives!

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Wearing medical scrubs and a white coat, Stefan arrives at the hospital elevator, holding a syringe. He halts in surprise upon spotting Officer Goldman near Steve's room. She casually suggests getting coffee, leaving Stefan taken aback. As she walks off, Stefan mutters in frustration. 


Meanwhile, Steve and John investigate Tripp and Wendy's last location through cell phone pings. Discovering they were last at the park, Steve decides they need to find alternate means of tracking them. John receives a call from Brady, asking for his presence at the halfway house with Theresa. Steve encourages John to go, and once John departs, Konstantin barges into Steve's office, offering baklava. Steve rejects his offer, and Konstantin reminisces about his daughter's love for the pastry. Steve angrily orders him to leave, but Konstantin empathizes with Steve's anguish over his son's disappearance, sharing his own grief over his daughter's death.

Elsewhere, Holly questions Nicole about her coma, expressing concern over what she hasn't been told. EJ joins them, and Holly asks for details, suspecting she might have been drugged. Nicole and EJ reassure her, promising to investigate further. At the halfway house, Theresa reunites with Tate, but he refuses to see Brady initially. Theresa confesses to Tate about lying regarding his father, revealing her role in keeping Tate from Brady. Overwhelmed by guilt, she tearfully admits her actions, leading to a heartfelt reconciliation between Tate and Brady.

In Harris' hospital room, Stefan attempts to harm him with the syringe, but Harris awakens and stops him, threatening him with imprisonment unless he cooperates. As Stefan agrees, Harris experiences chest pains. Officer Goldman returns and recognizes Harris, reaching for her gun, but a nurse enters, interrupting their confrontation.

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