Don't Know if Condescending Is The Word': Khloe Kardashian Says Sister Kim Shamed Her On Her Parenting Skills

Kim interpreted Khloe's inquiry as criticism of her parenting, which sparked a tense conversation between them.

Published on Jun 29, 2024  |  06:42 PM IST |  46.6K
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Kim and Khloé Kardashian

In a dramatic revelation on the latest episode of The Kardashians, sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian clashed over a parenting incident involving Kim's daughter, Chicago. The episode, which aired this week on Hulu, exposed a heated argument between the two sisters over what Khloe perceived as shaming regarding her parenting skills.

Sibling spat: Haircare misunderstanding turns tense

The dispute arose when Khloe, visiting Kim's house, noticed that Chicago's hair had leftover styling products in it from the night before. Concerned, Khloe contacted Kim to clarify if she could redo Chicago's hair. However, Kim interpreted Khloe's inquiry as criticism of her parenting, which sparked a tense conversation between them.

Kim, known for her meticulous approach to parenting, expressed feeling criticized by Khloe's remarks about Chicago's hair. She felt Khloe's questioning implied she wasn't taking proper care of her daughter's appearance.

In a confessional, Kim explained, "The other day, when you called me and asked me if you can do Chi's hair, I don't know if condescending is the word, but you're very shaming. Like ‘Can I do Chi's hair? Do you mind? Because her hair has, like, so much product in it.' And I'm just like, ‘I know.’"

The conversation quickly escalated into a full-blown argument, with both sisters defending their perspectives. Kim accused Khloe of projecting negativity onto her parenting decisions during a particularly challenging week for her.


Khloe, on her part, defended her actions, stating that she was only trying to help and did not intend to criticize Kim. She argued that her structured approach to parenting, including a daily schedule for her children, was misunderstood and unfairly judged by Kim.

"My sisters always say like I'm so rigid or I have such a strict schedule with my kids. I don't think I have such a strict schedule. I just have a schedule," Khloe explained in a confessional. "Like, we have a time to wake up so we can get ready for school, do hair, breakfast. Then after school we normally have like an extracurricular activity."

The argument highlighted deeper tensions within the Kardashian family regarding differing parenting styles and perceptions of criticism. Both Kim and Khloe accused each other of mom-shaming, a term used to describe criticism or judgment towards a mother's parenting choices.

Kim further criticized Khloe's lifestyle choices, suggesting that her structured parenting approach was overly strict. Khloe, on the other hand, defended her routine as necessary for maintaining order and stability in her children's lives.


The episode underscored the challenges of navigating family dynamics under public scrutiny, where even minor disagreements can escalate into major conflicts. As prominent figures in the entertainment industry, the Kardashian sisters often face intense public scrutiny over their personal lives and parenting choices.

Throughout the episode, attempts were made to reconcile their differences and understand each other's perspectives. Despite the heated argument, both sisters expressed a desire to move past the incident and maintain a healthy relationship for the sake of their family.

Next on The Kardashians: Can Kim and Khloe mend fences?

The ongoing saga between Khloe and Kim Kardashian is set to continue in future episodes of The Kardashians, where viewers eagerly anticipate whether the sisters can resolve their differences or if tensions will persist. The episode served as a reminder of the complexities of family relationships and the challenges of balancing personal lives with public expectations.

New episodes of The Kardashians air every Thursday at 12 a.m. ET on Hulu, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of one of America's most famous families and the intricacies of their relationships.


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