'He Just Put it in Bold': Ryan Gosling's Iconic Papyrus SNL Skit Gets a Hilarious Sequel

Ryan Gosling is teaming up with SNL for a hilarious sequel to his 2017 skit. Here’s everything we know about the iconic Papyrus 2.

Published on Apr 14, 2024  |  10:16 PM IST |  49.9K
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Ryan Gosling in the SNL skit 'Papyrus' (PC: SNL Youtube Channel)

Ryan Gosling is being haunted by the font Papyrus yet again. When the actor hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time in 2017, he was part of a skit called Papyrus. The hilarious video uploaded by SNL has 22 million views. The skit is about a man named Steven who has a personal vendetta against the graphic designer who designed the logo of the blockbuster movie Avatar. Gosling is ready to face the atrocities inflicted by Papyrus in the second installment of the skit.

Ryan Gosling in Papyrus 2

Ryan Gosling’s character is deeply unsettled by one of the most commonly used fonts. In an SNL skit from 2017, Ryan played the character of Steven in a humorous video. The 3-minute video tells the story of a man who is distressed by the font choice of the Avatar movie title. Gosling returns to SNL for the third time this week. The actor will once again be playing the role of Steven in the second part of the humorous skit. 

Papyrus 2 features Steven and his latest breakdown about the font. This time he’s sitting in his dentist’s clinic undergoing surgery when he realizes that the font for Avatar: The Way Of Water is also Papyrus. He had previously assumed that the font was changed for the second movie, but is proven wrong. The only change with the movie title this time is that it is “just put it in bold.” Steven panics while declaring, "All the money in the world, and he just put it in bold." The second installment proves that Steven’s vendetta with Avatar’s Logo Title Design Specialist Jacob Crone continues. 



What is SNL’s Papyrus about?

The first installment of the Papyrus skit that SNL produced was a massive hit among the fans. The story starts with Gosling waking up from a nightmare and talking about his troubled state. Later we find out that the thing that has been haunting him is the font choice for the Avatar’s title. We find out that Steven is mad at the Logo Title Design Specialist for using a commonly used font instead of putting in additional effort. We later follow Steven as he keeps an eye out on Jacob Crone as he camps outside his house. As the skit progresses, Gosling’s character grows more and more restless and annoyed because of said font choices.

The 2017 SNL skit became so popular that Avatar’s director James Cameron previously spoke to People about the font choice and the effect it had on Ryan’s character. The director revealed that the team did contemplate changing the font for the second movie. The question was ​​‘Are we going to keep the same font, the highest-grossing film in history, or are we going to change it?’ he revealed. Cameron explained how they just ended up keeping the original font because they did not want to “mess” with the formula. “If Ryan gets his panties in a bunch over it, then so be it,” James concluded with a hilarious remark.

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