‘I Made Sense Of Myself Then’: Baby Reindeer Star Jessica Gunning Reveals Coming Out Was A Big Moment

Jessica Gunning, who played the role of Martha in Netflix's Baby Reindeer, spoke about her sexuality and her experience coming out for the first time on the podcast Reign With Josh Smith. Read on.

Published on Jun 04, 2024  |  06:33 PM IST |  32.3K
Jessica Gunning as Martha in Baby Reindeer - ( A still taken from the official trailer on YouTube )
Jessica Gunning as Martha in Baby Reindeer - ( A still taken from the official trailer on YouTube )
Key Highlight
  • Jessica Gunning opened up about her sexuality and coming out experience in a podcast
  • Jessica Gunning played the lead role of Martha in the series Baby Reindeer on Netflix

Remember Martha from Baby Reindeer, who initially seemed sweet but later turned dangerous, stalking an ordinary man and making his life difficult? Yes, we're talking about Jessica Gunning, who has recently taken the world by storm with her portrayal of Martha in Netflix's latest series. In real life, the star spoke about her sexuality for the first time on the podcast Reign With Josh Smith, where she shared her thoughts on her coming-out journey.

The actress, who came out in November 2022, said it was a mega moment for her. Talking to the Daily Mail, the actress said, “I still can’t articulate it in the best way. But I realized I was a big, old gay. I was like, ‘That’s what it’s been, that’s what it is.’ And that was like a massive moment where everything kind of clicked, and I made sense of myself then.”

Jessica Gunning admits she was confused regarding her sexuality for a long time 

Gunning went on to say on the Reign podcast that there were many times in her life when she noticed signs that she could be part of the LGBTQIA community, especially when she kissed Cate Blanchett in the National Theatre production of When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other.

Furthermore, the actress also shared that she felt like an alien half the time and struggled to fit in as she was a comparatively big woman among all. However, she soon realized the importance of self-acceptance and living one's truth, which she believes was one of her most liberating moments ever. 



Jessica Gunning's role in the series Baby Reindeer

Our beloved British actress, Gunning, always had a feeling that the series would connect with the audience, as people are hungry for easy stories with suspense. Her starring role in Baby Reindeer has earned Jessica acclaim worldwide. The mini-series revolves around the real-life story of Richard Gadd, who was stalked by a woman. ( Martha), after his act of kindness is misunderstood,

This Netflix's limited series has become an unexpected cultural phenomenon, topping the streaming giant’s TV charts in over 70 countries and reportedly racking up over 224.2 million viewing hours. Praising the script, the actress also added, “I’ve been acting now for about 17 years, and I can honestly say I’ve never ever read a part like this before.” 

There will probably be more seasons of the series in the future, but not much has been disclosed as of yet. 


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