‘I Need Viral Moments’: Luke Bryan Talks About His Onstage Fall At Coast City Country Festival

American Idol judge Luke Bryan said he also needs viral moments on social media to make his music popular. He thinks he fell because the floor was slippery, not because of a cellphone.

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Luke Bryan - Instagram/Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan - Instagram/Luke Bryan
Key Highlight
  • Luke Bryan admits that he also needs viral moments to stay relevant and ensure his music works
  • The singer's video where he fell onstage went viral on social media last week
  • The singer is currently in Canada as part of his Mind of a Country Boy tour

Luke Bryan is sharing his thoughts on the onstage fall while performing at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver, Canada, on Saturday, April 20. While engrossed in the performance, he tumbled over a fan’s phone.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet after the Monday, April 22 episode of American Idol, Bryan revealed that he had just had his back worked on before the fall.

“Ironically, last week, I was having back trouble to the point where I had to get a chiropractor to the room," the American Idol judge told the outlet.

"[Anyway], so when I hit the ground, I was like, 'Oh!' The first thing [I thought] was, 'Oh God, all the work I did to get my back feeling better is out!'" he admitted with a laugh.


Luke Bryan says he also needs viral moments to stay relevant 

Bryan said that he didn't believe a phone caused the fall ."Everyone is reporting about the cellphone, he said, but I was exaggerating," Bryan stated. "I don't think it was a cellphone. I think the surface was just slippery."

"I need viral moments, you know?" Bryan joked. "My new single is 'Love You, Miss You, Mean It.' Now I gotta get the bumper sticker made—"I'busted my ass and this is my new single.' "



In an interview with Extra, he shared a funny anecdote. He explained that when he lost his balance and fell, he was initially confused about what had happened. Upon landing, he mistook a water bottle that had likely spilled from his stash of bottles for a cellphone. The slippery surface, comparable to a banana peel, caused the accident. Fortunately, he found humor in the situation, recognizing its potential for generating a viral moment at a low cost.

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Luke Brayn's fall was dramatic and funny

In a video shared by TMZ, after the fall, Bryan quickly stood up with a smile on his face. He appeared to be uninjured. "Wait a minute! Did anyone capture that on video?"

The country music star asked the crowd while on his knees, still holding the cell phone that presumably caused the fall. He tossed the phone to an unknown fan, who presumably apologized to him. "It's okay," he told the person before jokingly adding, "My lawyer will be calling." "I gotta see it,"

Bryan said from on his knees, grabbing another fan's cellphone that was offered to him from the crowd. "Oh, you're Snapchatting; you can't Snapchat this s---," he continued, taking the phone and presenting the clip to the crowd.

Luke decided to replay the footage of his fall for the audience to see. He even provided narration of the moment when he looked like a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel. Previously, while performing at a concert in North Carolina, he stepped too far forward and literally fell face-first off the stage.

The singer is currently in Canada as part of his Mind of a Country Boy tour. The first leg of the tour concludes on Wednesday, April 24th, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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