'It Was Really Something': Roger Bart Opens Up About His Experience Of Playing George Williams In Desperate Housewives

As fans continue to appreciate Desperate Housewives, Roger Bart during his interview shared his thoughts on revival, he feels that the ladies might be up for it.

Published on May 29, 2024  |  03:57 PM IST |  33.8K
Roger Bart Opens Up About His Experience Of Playing George Williams In Desperate Housewive
Roger Bart (PC: Instagram)

Roger Bart will always have a special place in his heart for Desperate Housewives. Yes, he thinks the same, even after believing once that his career might be over after his role on the show. Desperate Housewives, released in 2004, was known for its mix of drama, mystery, and comedy.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE at the 2024 Tony Awards Meet the Nominees event, the actor, shared his experiences of playing George Williams. Let’s see what he said on the same and how he feels that this show shaped his journey as an actor.

Roger Bart as George Williams

The 61-year-old actor opened up about his time on the popular ABC series. Roger Bart played the role of George Williams. Williams was a pharmacist who became a love interest of Marcia Cross’s character Bree Van de Kamp. His character is complex and dark; he fell in love with Bree and went to extreme lengths to be with her. This also includes George poisoning Marcia’s husband.

Reflecting on the show’s incredible success, Bart noted how Desperate Housewives was watched by millions. He even mentioned a past yet heartwarming moment when he got immense praise for his role. “I was walking through an airport and the amount of attention I got for it, because back then everyone tuned in at 9:00 on a Sunday, it was like 23 million people, it was crazy. It was really something,” he recalled during the interview.

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Bart’s unexpected journey on Desperate Housewives


When Bart first got the role, he had no idea what it would turn into. He recalled shooting his initial sequences thinking he was just playing a regular pharmacist. The show’s creator, Mark Cherry told him about the character’s dark future. He told Bart would be a sociopath stalker.

Bart thought that it would be a lot of fun, and guess what? The role turned out to be really fun. Brat found himself in some amazing situations. And, the audience absolutely loved it. The show rose to popularity in no time and people started recognizing Brat.

Even after George William’s demise on Desperate Housewives, Roger Bart’s acting made a big impact. He recalled a funny moment on The View when the hosts wanted to talk about his character’s fate. The hosts asked him directly, “So you’re dead.” Bart jokingly said, “Yes, I am.”

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Can we expect a season 2?


As fans continue to appreciate Desperate Housewives, Bart shared his thoughts on revival. He said, “I feel like the ladies might be up for it.” The thought of seeing back all the cast members together is really exciting.

Roger Bart’s career did not end with Desperate Housewives. He is currently nominated for his performance as Doc Brown in Back to the Future: The Musical. Just like his role in Desperate Housewives, this role of Bart has also garnered praise and attention.

The 2024 Tony Awards are set to happen on Sunday, June 16 at the David H. Koch Theater in New York City’s Lincoln Center. You can watch the show on CBS and Paramount+ at 8 p.m. EST to watch the show.

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What role did Roger Bart play in Desperate Housewives?
Roger Bart played the character George Williams, a pharmacist who becomes a love interest of Bree Van de Kamp, portrayed by Marcia Cross.

How did Roger Bart feel about his role in Desperate Housewives?
Roger Bart initially had concerns about his career after the show, but he now holds a special place in his heart for Desperate Housewives.

Is there a possibility of a Desperate Housewives revival?
Roger Bart believes that the cast members, especially the ladies, might be open to the idea of a revival. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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