Kevin Costner Shares Extensive Look Of Horizon: An American Saga at CinemaCon 2024; Deets Inside

Kevin Costner unveils the look of his much-anticipated project, Horizon: An American Saga at CinemaCon held in Las Vegas. Read to know more deets.

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Horizon: An American Saga (CC: Youtube)
Horizon: An American Saga (CC: Youtube)

Kevin Costner, 69, was also in attendance among many notable people from the industry at CinemaCon held in Las Vegas on April 9. He unveiled the extensive look of Horizon: An American Saga. The first part of the four-part Western epic will be released on June 28 and it's second part on Aug 16. Both will have a theatrical release.

The premise of the movie explores time during the American Civil War. The film will take a deep dive into its plot and take you on an emotional journey. This movie seems like it is a lot closer to Costner’s heart as he has directed, co-written, and starred in it. The film will be distributed by Warner Bros.

During CinemaCon at the stage, Costner said, “I think about the promise of America.” He added, “There was a promise out here that if you could go if you were tough enough, if you were mean enough, if you were resourceful enough, if you were lucky enough, you could take what you wanted in America.”

“That promise meant that we stepped on a whole group of people that had been here for thousands of years,” Costner said in reference to Native Americans. Horizon’s storyline is incorporated with that struggle as well, “If you could come west if you could survive it, you could make a home and at the expense of a lot of things. So to me, that's drama,” he went on to add. 



More about Horizon: An American Saga

Along with Kevin Costner, the cast also includes Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Abbey Lee, Michael Rooker, and many more talented actors. This brilliant cast will definitely wow us with their performances. Many fans are excited to see all the cast members act together in this project.

As per People, Costner revealed that this movie also shows his son, Hayes, who he shares with his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner. Costner’s character in the movie is named Hayes Ellison, Which he explained was a ‘move to get this movie done’ after conceiving in 1998.

Costner said, “Hayes Ellison is a drifter who wants to find a home.” He continued, “And I named my son Hayes and when he was about 12, I said, this has to happen. And so I decided that nothing was going to stop me.”

Why is this project so important for Kevin Costner?

It is very evident from this project's credits that it holds much importance for the Dancing with the Wolves star, Kevin Costner. Costner told People in 2022, “Horizon is incredibly meaningful to me. It's really been the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's exactly what I want to do.”

“A lot of times we measure ourselves against other generations” he added when asked about his interest in the Western genre. He further said, “I think about what was at stake. How did people survive? There's a rawness and an unpredictability about it. I'm haunted by that.”

The trailer for chapter one was recently released on YouTube, and it looked very promising. Fans are ready to experience this epic saga in theatres. This movie will most likely give an amazing experience while watching.

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