Kirsten Dunst, Daniel Bruhl To Star In Ruben Ostlund's The Entertainment System Is Down Featuring Keanu Reeves; Deets

Ruben Ostlund’s The Entertainment System Is Down will have a lot to delve into along with many great actors.

Published on May 15, 2024  |  12:25 PM IST |  41.3K
Cast of Ruben Ostlund’s The Entertainment System Is Down
Kirsten Dunst, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Bruhl (IMDb)

The Palme d’Or winner Ruben Ostlund is gearing up heavily to bring forth his next grand entry, The Entertainment System Is Down.  Along with an absolutely mind-blowing inspiration, he has now brought some of the greatest and most acclaimed actors on board. 

What could it be to witness the thoughts of the director who made one of the legendary movies like Triangle of Sadness? Let’s explore…..

Ruben Ostlund assembles a great cast

Ruben Ostlund is working on his upcoming film, The Entertainment System Is Down. While the movie is one of the most anticipated ones, after the director delivered some of the most promising flicks, the cast's announcement has excited Ostlund’s fans even more. 

As per Deadline, the John Wick star Keanu Reeves will be seen in the movie alongside Kirsten Dunst whose talents were recently seen in Civil War, as well as one more fabulous actor, Daniel Brühl. 

Well, this isn't it, as the director is said to have bought a retired Boeing 747  for the film. This aircraft is being said to be used in full scale inside a studio for the filming of Ostlund’s movie, that depicts a scenario in a long-duration flight. 


As per the plot that has been reported, the movie will portray the struggles of the passengers. Set on a long-haul flight, The Entertainment System Is Down will basically show the horror of being bored.


Where did Ruben Ostlund get his inspiration from?

Although it might seem like a normal thing to be bored and stuck on a plane while traveling, the real inspiration that the director got his idea from is actually fearsome. 

Ruben Ostlund, while planning for this movie, was inspired by a social-psychological study. The study that was performed at Virginia University was called The Challenge Of The Disengaged Mind, and a few participants showed some odd traits during the experiment. 

Here the male and female participants were left by themselves in a room, who reportedly did not enjoy spending a mere 6 to 15 minutes with nothing to do but only think.

But that’s not even the main part; the twist is that the researchers had a button inside the room that allowed the subjects, if desired, to give themselves a harmless but absolutely painful electric shock. 

Although a quarter of the female subjects and two-thirds of the male ones chose to push it, a man who found it unbearable to spend the time alone with his thoughts went on to give himself around 190 electric shocks.

This movie will be the second English-language film and seventh feature of Ruben Ostlund, and the filming of it will begin in early 2025.

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Who has directed Triangle of Sadness?
Ruben Ostlund is the director of Triangle of Sadness.

How many Palme d’Or accolades did Ruben Ostlund win?
Ruben Ostlund has won two Palme d’Or accolades.

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