Keanu Reeves' Dating History From Sofia Coppola to Alexandra Grant: Who Has John Wick Star Dated?

Keanu Reeves keeps his love life private, but his relationship with artist Alexandra Grant has garnered attention. They've been together for years, collaborating on several projects.

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Keanu Reeves' Dating History From Sofia Coppola to Alexandra Grant
Keanu Reeves in Matrix Resurrections, (PC: IMDb )
Key Highlight
  • Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have been dating for several years
  • They have collaborated on books and founded a publishing house together

Keanu Reeves is known for not putting his personal life in the public eye. This is also the case with his relationship with artist Alexandra Grant. The moment they walked arm in arm on November 2, 2019, at the LACMA Art + Film Gala held in Los Angeles, it caused a sensation among their fans. Nonetheless, this didn’t come as news to those close to them like actress Jennifer Tilly. In February 2020 she revealed that their romance had been going on longer than it was made public.

"I remember a couple of years ago, about a year and a half ago, [Grant] said, 'Keanu Reeves is my boyfriend,' and I'm like, 'Wait. What? What? What?'" Tilly said. She observed that this sudden interest from the media was unexpected given that Grant had accompanied Reeves to many other events before then. "It's just suddenly surfaced that he's been dating her for several years," Tilly added.

Reeves' perspectives on love

Hardly does Keanu Reeves speak about his relationships. Nevertheless, he talked about love during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show last December 2021. Drew Barrymore admitted being more of a lover than a fighter; nevertheless, Reeves countered by saying “No, no because if you are a lover you have got to be a fighter…Because what kind of love do you have if you don’t fight for your love?” He then went on to say jokingly “You know what Drew, I’m sitting here talking philosophy with you…”


Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder in Bram Stoker's Dracula (PC: IMDb)

Let’s take a look at Keanu Reeves’ dating history now.

Jill Schoelen: While shooting one of his early films called Babes in Toyland back in 1986, Keanu met Jill Schoelen. They were reported to have been together for almost three years before breaking up in 1989. Shortly after that, Schoelen and Brad Pitt started dating.

Sofia Coppola: After working with Sofia’s father, Francis Ford Coppola on the film Bram Stoker's Dracula, Reeves was said to be seeing Sofia Coppola. Their relationship lasted a short period ending in 1992.

Winona Ryder: Though there is no official confirmation of their being a couple, Reeves and Winona Ryder may have accidentally tied the knot. According to Ryder, during the shooting of Bram Stoker's Dracula, a real Romanian priest held their wedding scene, making them legally married.

Amanda de Cadenet: Rumors circulated that Reeves had a brief fling with Amanda de Cadenet. In her 2017 book, she wrote about an intense sexual chemistry when they first met. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until after de Cadenet divorced in 1997 that Reeve pursued her for a romantic relationship.


Jennifer Syme: He began dating Jennifer Syme in 1999, and they announced they were expecting their first child together. Tragically, their daughter Ava was stillborn in January 2000; however, the two remained friends even after splitting up soon after. Unfortunately, Syme died in an accident involving an automobile in April 2001.

Claire Forlani: From around 2004 to 2006 people believed Reeves was involved with Claire Forlani although they are just good friends as he clarified denying these rumors once and for all.

Alexandra Grant: Reeve’s present girlfriend

Reeves’ and Grant’s relationship came into the public domain back in November 2019. They have been acquainted for years having collaborated on Reeves’ books Ode to Happiness and Shadows. Moreover, X Artists' Books was co-founded by them in 2017. According to PEOPLE magazine, they started dating earlier this year but wanted to keep things quiet. They also mentioned that Keanu wants to openly share his life with her. He is extremely happy and grateful to have Grant in his life.


Sofia Coppola in The Godfather Part III (PC: IMDb)

In an interview with Vogue, Grant talked about the publicity their coupledom received and her mixed feelings towards it. She added, "I think every single person I knew called me in the first week of November, and that's fascinating, but the question I've been asking in all of this is: 'What is the opportunity for good.’”

The duo continues to be secretive about their relationship, sometimes even spotted walking hand in hand through public areas such as during one of their strolls in New York City in the 2022 summer days.

His private nature has made Keanu Reeves’ romantic life always fascinating to his fans. Their close bond is further proved by years of friendship and collaboration between him and Alexandra Grant. Even though Reeves says little or nothing about his personal life, he cannot hide his contentment with Grant from whoever knows him well.

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When did Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant make their relationship public?
They made their relationship public in November 2019 by appearing together at the LACMA Art + Film Gala.

Have Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant worked together professionally?
Yes, they have collaborated on books and co-founded X Artists' Books in 2017.

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