Sharon Osbourne Reveals James Corden's Off-Screen Persona; Calls Anna Wintour The C-Word

Sharon Osbourne shocks fans by criticizing Hollywood A-listers James Corden and Anna Wintour in the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother; Ellen DeGeneres was also dragged into the mess!

Published on Apr 12, 2024  |  05:24 PM IST |  38.7K
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Sharon Osbourne Slams James Corden and Anna Wintour in the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother (Getty Images)

The OG reality TV star Sharon Osbourne is dropping truth bombs on A-list celebrities, which fans can’t handle! Osbourne called out James Corden for name-dropping and “kissing all the right people” when he started his career in LA. 

That’s not it! The TV personality also called Vougue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour the C-word and gagged at Ellen Degeneres. Such a huge comment on national television has taken the media and fans by storm!


James Corden faces heat as Sharon Osbourne slams the talk show host (Getty Images)

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James Corden’s name had been dragged through the mud

In a shocking turn of events on the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Sharon Osbourne casually name-dropped Hollywood’s A-list celebrities—but not in a good way! The reality star, also an author, was called on the latest episode of CBB along with Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith and Louis Walsh, a former X-factor judge. 

In a candid conversation, Goldsmith said, “When my friends talk about people they know or people they’ve met, they always take the mick and say - well, if you drop the names, I’ll pick them up for you.”‘

Sticking to the subject of name-dropping, Osbourne mentions a known Hollywood personality who name-drops a lot. It’s none other than The Late Late Show host James Corden! The author and producer said, “I’ll tell you who does that, James Corden,” she said. ‘He does that all the time. I go to him, “I really like your shoes,” and he goes, “Yes, Stella McCartney.”


Osbourne continued, “I’m like, I didn’t ask you who made them I just said I like your shoes, but he constantly, constantly throws out names.” The Emmy winner also discussed how the talk show host made his name in Hollywood. She commented, “When he got to America, he played the LA game really well.”


Osbourne calls Anna Wintour the C-word

The reality star went into a tangent and revealed the off-screen persona of Hollywood’s one and only Anna Wintour. On the subject of Corden, Walsh, who was also on that episode, commented, “Kissing all the right people? Anna Wintour, mwah, mwah.”

Osbourne said that Wintour loves the talk show host: “Oh, she loves him, loves him. But who loves Anna Wintour? I think she’s the c-word.” Walsh agreed with the comment and added another former talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, which made Osbourne gag. 


Fans reaction to the drama


It doesn’t matter who is right; the fans are here for the drama! A viewer on X @RyanS_UK wrote, “Omfg at Sharon Osbourne calling James Corden a name dropper, Anna Wintour a c***, and gagging at the thought of Ellen DeGeneres in the space of 30 seconds.” 

Another X user, @leaWalkerOF, wrote, “They are only speaking the truth (laughing emoji).” But some viewers didn’t like the drag and called it vile. “Sharon Osbourne has some nerve talking about people as she walks around looking like a 9th grade Science Room display,” wrote X user @VaTechPhiDelt 


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