Sofia Richie Becomes A Mother; Welcomes Baby Girl Eloise Samantha Grainge With Husband Elliot

Sofia Richie and husband Elliot Grainge welcomed their first baby, a girl, marking it as the best day of her life. The couple married in April 2023.

Published on May 26, 2024  |  09:56 PM IST |  37K
Sofia Richie Welcomes Baby Girl Eloise Samantha Grainge With Husband Elliot
Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge (PC: Instagram/Sofia Richie)

Sofia Richie just stepped into the world of motherhood! The 25-year-old model and her husband, Elliot Grainge, 30, welcomed their first baby, and Sofia shared the heartwarming news on Instagram.

She posted an adorable black-and-white photo showing her daughter’s tiny feet nestled in a pair of loving hands, with the newborn donning a cute light-colored onesie. Sofia captioned the photo, “Eloise Samantha Grainge 5.20.24 best day of my life.”

Sofia Richie reveals Baby Gender: Dream of a daughter comes true

Since the beginning of this year, the news of the baby convenient shared by Sofia Richie to Vogue was very happy and she is going to be a mother of a baby girl.

From the responses given during the chat, the following was elicited from Richie; excitement and anticipation. While some viewers may not have caught that Richie is still pregnant and has not given birth yet, she easily explained, “She’s growing pretty fast, so [the due date] is a bit up in the air. Meanwhile, Richie admitted to being a fan of YouTube and TikTok gender reveal videos even before she embarked on her journey of getting pregnant, “I love the YouTubes and the TikToks—when it comes to gender.

And that is when they came up with the idea of a special moment for gender reveal. “We had our OB text my assistant Becca [our baby’s gender], and we bought two party poppers: There was one blue, one pink One day she left the one with the correct colour inside and me and Elliot popped it together Richie stated they never believed it to be a girl, “We were both really convinced that it was a boy.” My dream in life is to have a daughter [though], and Elliot also seems to be looking forward to having a girl. ”


Now little did they know that their dreams have come into reality with their dream name, Eloise Samantha Grainge. To the beautiful mom Sofia and the daddy Elliot, happy for you guys, you now have a new bundle of joy.

Sofia Richie opens up about relationship with husband Elliot Grainge 

Sofia Richie has only been married to her husband, Elliot Grainge, for half a year – but their love story is vintage as can be. As quoted from Who What Wear interview Richie said that they had not been dating because they first met as friends. “When we started being romantic, he just gave me a different feeling,” says the subject. I believe it was the most important experience in the sense of feeling shielded with my own feelings.” States that probably would have elicited the almost overwhelming reaction of really being appreciated. "Honestly, I knew that he is my husband as soon as we decided to date. It was not the ‘Do you think one day he’ll propose?’ kind of the statement, it was more like ‘This is my husband — completely’. ’ I felt this love for him that existed in me and never did since any time in life.”


Before giving birth to the baby girl, there were several things that Richie worried about during pregnancy, and she discussed one of them in a video on TikTok. “It is important for women, pregnant women especially women out there to learn things that suit or are okay for pregnancy or things they need to avoid,” she said in the video. One major concern? Stretch marks. “I know the job has its price but I’m trying hard to avoid it,” Richie uttered as he presented a tub of Bumpology’s Bump Butter. “My doctor said to me when I first told her about the pregnancy, she was like, ‘Did you know that I have this shea butter that everyone loves?’ I love it; I’ve gotten through about six in the tubs and ordered four. ”

However, when at last Eloise Samantha Grainge joins Richie, it certainly looks like all the anxious moments and all the planning that Richie did were worth getting her jubilantly satisfied. We, myself and other members of our class, want to congratulate the new parents of the newborns on behalf of everyone.


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