Spider-Man Producer Confirms The One Thing Spider-Verse Movies Will Never Show

Spider-Verse stays human-made, confirms the producer. No AI for its stunning animation, however, he mentions that animators deserve better working conditions.

Published on Jun 04, 2024  |  09:48 PM IST |  46.9K
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (PC: IMDB)
Key Highlight
  • Spider-Verse films won't use AI, focusing on handcrafted animation
  • Concerns raised about poor working conditions for animators in the latest film

Animation has become a game-changer, thanks to the Spider-Verse movies. These movies are visually stunning and have blended the use of digital and hand-drawn techniques in innovative ways that push the boundaries of animation, proving beyond doubt that it is no longer a reserve for kids. However, there is one area where Spider-Verse will not tread: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Animation.

Human creativity vs. AI shortcuts

The producer Chris Miller took a strong position against AI and said on social media that generative AI would never be a part of the Spider-Verse toolbox. To Miller, this technology does nothing but shortcut creativity by stealing it from its rightful owners – humans. 

He took twitter and wrote, “there is no generative AI in Beyond the Spider-Verse and there never will be. One of the main goals of the films is to create new visual styles that have never been seen in a studio CG film, not steal the generic plagiarized average of other artists' work.”

These comments were made after Sony Pictures expressed interest in using artificial intelligence for animation thereby raising concerns among fans who love the personal touch found in these richly animated films.

Beyond the spectacle, the artists behind the Web

Miller’s decision was about more than just aesthetics. He was taking a stand on behalf of those very talented artists who bring life into Spider-Verse. Every frame is an art piece completely crafted with precision and thought processes from computer-generated to hand-made animations. 


This devotion to artistry together with engaging narratives and voice work creates an immersive experience for viewers like no other. Nevertheless, audiences must remember that real human beings are standing behind all this beauty on screen; such artists should be well treated and given conditions suitable for them to display their talents.

A dream project becomes a nightmare?

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (PC: IMDB)

The recent installment of these visually enticing films ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ may have been amazing but rumors are rife that animators were less than satisfied with how things went down during production. 

Several anonymous animators have spoken out about it, giving testimonies concerning working environments marked by strained nerves as well as excessive workload pressure characterized by high expectation levels. 

They had normal sleepless nights with endless modifications as the rules of the game. Allegedly, this intense work pace caused stress and resulted in more than 100 artists quitting the project. 

To make matters worse, some animators maintained to have been offered low salaries but were told that there would be a good amount of overtime pay hence they found themselves trapped into impossible work schedules.


Respecting the architects of the Spider-Verse

The solution to issues plaguing the animation industry does not lie in unreliable AI. Instead, studios should reorientate their operations towards artist welfare and a conducive environment for creativity. 

Adequate remuneration, manageable working hours, and lack of pressure are necessary conditions for them. It appears Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse is destined for another major hit at both box-office and among critics but is it still worth celebrating if its talented artistic team remains underappreciated? 

On one hand, future possibilities include ground-breaking technologies that may transform Spider-Verse forever; however, this can never come at the expense of the human talent that defines these pictures’ uniqueness.


Why no AI in Spider-Verse?
Preserve human creativity and avoid plagiarism.

What's the problem with animation work conditions?
Long hours, low pay, and pressure can lead to burnout.

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