Tina Knowles Shares Where Beyonce's Sister Solange Was 'Conceived'; Find Out Her

Tina Knowles revealed that her daughter Solange was conceived on the Nile in Egypt. Tina is also the mother of Beyoncé, 42.

Updated on Jun 07, 2024  |  04:22 PM IST |  32.4K
Tina Knowles (PC: Instagram)
Tina Knowles (PC: Instagram)

Tina Knowles recently shared some interesting details about her youngest daughter Solange during a guest appearance on Vogue's The Run-Through podcast on May 23. Beyoncé and Solange's mother Tina, 70, revealed a different story about Solange of the pregnancy, which happened at the Nile River in Egypt.

As for the name of her now 37-year-old daughter, Tina originally chose the name Niles after thinking she was expecting a boy. But when she found out she was having a girl, she turned to a French baby name book she had bought during a trip to Paris. She had originally bought the book as a gift for a friend who was expecting a baby. A year later, when she needed a name for her baby, she reviewed that book and found Solange, which seemed to fit her daughter.

Tina's story reveals not only a special family memory but also the serendipitous way Solange acquired her beautiful name. Again, it’s a fascinating look into the personal history behind the famous name in itself.

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Tina Knowles shares heartwarming insights on grandmotherhood and her famous grandkids

Tina Knowles, the proud grandmother of four, shared some interesting details about her grandchildren's relationship recently during an appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna. Tina is the grandmother of Beyonce’s three children, Blue Ivy, 12, and twins Rumi and Sir, 6, and Solange’s 19-year-old son Daniel, affectionately known as Julez.

Tina loves being a grandmother and enjoys the fun and freedom it gives her. Unlike parenting, where primary responsibility lies with how the kids turn out, being a grandparent gets his grandkids involved with the pressure he can deliver noisy games that can send their parents over the wall but with excitement not to mention the endless destruction of the children. In Tina’s eyes, being a grandmother is the best thing she can do, and her grandchildren, whom she adores, are incredibly creative and full of life.


When Hoda Kotb was asked what her grandchildren call her, Tina shared that they just call her "Grandma." This title is a badge of honor for him and signifies his special relationship with his grandchildren.

Raising two musical powerhouses, Beyonce and Solange, naturally gives rise to curiosity as to whether the next generation will follow in their famous footsteps. However, Tina believes it is too soon to say whether her grandchildren will be involved in music. As children, they show extraordinary signs of creativity, especially in the visual arts, and are all very intelligent

Tina's method is considered one of help and encouragement, no matter what paths her grandchildren pick to pursue. She takes satisfaction in their capabilities and accomplishments, however, she additionally is familiar with the importance of giving them the distance to explore their hobbies and expand their particular identities. For Tina, the most vital thing is to guide her dreams her grandkids are determined to chase.


In essence, Tina Knowles embodies the integral loving grandmother, complete with understanding and heat. She enjoys each moment together with her grandkids, celebrating their individuality and creativity, while also reflecting on the pleasant freedom that comes with grandparenting. Whether they become inside the music industry or pursue entirely extraordinary passions, Tina is ready to cheer them on every step of the way.

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