What Happened To Late Adan Canto's Character In The Cleaning Lady? Arman Morales' Fate Revealed

Tuesday’s episode unfolded into Canto’s Arman Morales dying in a fateful accident. Sadly, Arman was just moments away from being freed by his captors in exchange for a ransom.

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Adan Canto's Character Wrapped Up In Season 3
Adan Canto (Instagram)

Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about the latest episode of The Cleaning Lady

Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of death.

The cast and crew of The Cleaning Lady faced a major shock following star Adan Canto’s demise in January 2024. The Fox series portrayed Canto as one of its central characters, Arman Morales. After the show was renewed for Season 3 in March, the latest episode concluded Arman’s character arc with a heartbreaking twist. 

Tuesday’s episode unfolded into Canto’s Arman Morales dying in a fateful accident. Sadly, Arman was just moments away from being freed by his captors in exchange for a ransom. Here is how Arman Morales met his tragic end in Episode 6 of The Cleaning Lady. 

Arman Morales' tragic fate in The Cleaning Lady

Mexican actor Adan Canto passed away on January 8 after a private battle with appendiceal cancer. But, filming for Season 3 began in December 2023. Due to his health, Canto was unable to feature in any of the episodes of the new season. The writers had tweaked the show’s script accordingly but with hopes of Canto returning to the show. As a result, Canto’s Arman had not appeared since the beginning of Season 3. 

In Tuesday’s episode, the opening scenes displayed a shootout caused due to a failed drug deal and Arman getting shoved into a van by his captors. Elodie Yung’s Thony and Martha Millian’s Fiona were on the lookout for Arman along with other family members Kate del Castillo’s Ramona and Santiago Cabrera’s Jorge Sanchez. 


The kidnappers agreed to return Arman only in exchange for a ransom. All seemed to go as planned with Eva De Dominci’s Nadia and Clayton Cardenas’ Dante reaching a desert location where the exchange was set to occur. But moments away from Arman’s return, Fiona and Thony found themselves on a collision course with Arman’s captors. 

The new handyman drove Thony and Fiona’s vehicle, Jeremy who caught up with the truck transporting Arman, momentarily. As the vehicle drove adjacent, viewers got a glimpse of Arman Morales. Thony and Arman looked into each other’s eyes amidst the riveting action scene. Seconds later, as Thony faced a pointed gun by one of the kidnappers, Arman shoved it in another direction. The gunshot startled the truck driver as he maneuvered the vehicle off course and fell off a cliff. Thony’s intense reaction as she witnessed Arman’s truck crashing off the cliff confirmed Arman Morales’ death in the episode. 


The closing scenes flashed back to heartfelt moments between Thony and Arman from Season 1, dancing and sharing a kiss in Mexico. “In Loving Memory– Adan Canto,” read a tribute card at the end. 

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The Cleaning Lady Season 3 was meant to explore Adan Canto’s character

Ahead of the Season 3 premiere, showrunners Jeannine Renshaw and Miranda Kwok opened up about how the crew coped with Canto’s loss. They revealed that Canto felt honored with the storyline still revolving around him. Moreover, Season 3 was originally crafted to be an “Arman-driven season”, Renshaw tells TVLine. 

She added, “It was so sad for all of us and a very, very tragic moment, but we also felt we honored him in a really nice way. All of the crew and the other actors really got a chance to process it, and hopefully, the audience will get that chance, as well.” Speaking of the brief glimpse of the late Mexican actor in the new episode, Renshaw marked it as “Hollywood magic.”  


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