Why Is Taylor Swift Sparking Controversy Between Singapore And The Philippines; All You Need To Know

Taylor Swift has been touring in South Asia and certain issues caused a rift between the Philippines and Singapore. What exactly happened and how did Swift play a role, find out.

Published on Mar 03, 2024  |  08:31 PM IST |  71.6K
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Taylor Swift is going global! She has taken her shows to Asia and is doing six performances in Singapore. The land of the lion is pleased to have the Midnights singer there and people are leaving no stone unturned to see their favorite singer live. However, this concert has not come without its shortcomings. A clause in the deal has sparked a debate between the nations who plan to host Taylor Swift next-Philippines and the ones who are already hosting her, Singapore. What is the conflict all about, find out.

What is sparking the controversy between Singapore and the Philippines?

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With three more shows pending in Singapore, Taylor Swift is set to move to her next destination-Philippines. This is new as the Lover singer is now in Southeast Asia. Singapore is known for being a strict country with rules. 

They have allegedly claimed that Taylor Swift has signed a deal where she has agreed to not perform at any other territories in South Asia. This was because they wanted everyone to travel to Singapore to meet their favorite pop icon. 

However, lawmaker and politician Joey Salceda from the Philippines is hurt by their neighbor’s move. Salceda believes Singapore is not being a friendly neighbor. He also detests the grant that has been allegedly given to Swift to keep the tour exclusive to Singapore. Salceda had believed until now that the two governments were friends. 


Thailand also joined the discussion with Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin supporting Salceda’s claim. Reports from Sky News and TMZ reveal that the PM of Thailand was eager to host Taylor in their country and had asked AEG-who was handling her tour. They denied mentioning the exclusivity deal.

Have these conflicts impacted Taylor’s performance?

No. Taylor Swift is a dedicated icon who will give Swifties the time of their life. Her concert is full of memorable moments and impressive performances showing that she is being a good artist keeping away from such controversies. While many more statements and discussions will spark around this exclusivity deal, stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates.

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What do people ask about Taylor Swift?

Is Taylor Swift married?
No. Taylor Swift has had many relationships but never been married.

Does Taylor Swift have children?
Taylor Swift does not have any children.

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