'Jungkook you hopeless romantic': Top 6 fan reactions to BTS member's FESTA 2024 special song Never Let Go

Check out the top 6 fan reactions to BTS' Jungkook's FESTA special track Never Let Go, capturing the excitement and emotions stirred by his latest release.

Updated on Jun 07, 2024  |  10:27 PM IST |  337.4K
BTS' Jungkook; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS' Jungkook; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
Key Highlight
  • BTS' Jungkook has dropped a special track Never Let Go for FESTA 2024
  • Know how ARMYs have been reacting to Jungkook's Never Let Go

BTS' Jungkook dropped Never Let Go on June 7, celebrating the group's 11th debut anniversary. ARMYs swiftly embraced his heartfelt fan song, rejoicing in hearing his captivating voice once again. Dive into the top 6 fan reactions, reflecting the fervor ignited by this special FESTA track.

About Jungkook’s song Never Let Go for FESTA 2024

On June 7, BTS’ Jungkook unveiled Never Let Go, a fan song marking the group's 11th debut anniversary. Released amidst much anticipation, the track quickly captured ARMYs' hearts, showcasing Jungkook's velvety vocals. 

As a touching expression of gratitude to ARMYs worldwide, Never Let Go symbolizes the unbreakable bond between BTS and their fans. The song's title itself speaks volumes about the enduring connection between BTS and ARMYs. Dedicated to their loyal fanbase, Never Let Go delivers a heartfelt message of mutual support and solidarity.

Listen to Never Let Go here:

As one of BTS’ most anticipated FESTA 2024 releases, Jungkook's involvement in Never Let Go extends beyond his role as a vocalist. Credited as a lyricist, composer, and producer, Jungkook's multifaceted contribution adds depth to the song's emotional resonance.

With previous FESTA contributions like I Know and Still With You, Jungkook has solidified his presence as a key creative force within BTS. While the excitement for Never Let Go continues to grow, fans eagerly await its impact on BTS' discography and the profound connection it fosters between the group and their devoted ARMY.


Top 6 fan reactions to Jungkook’s Never Let Go

1. ARMYs who are swelled with pride listening to another heartfelt song by BTS’ golden maknae.

2. Fans who just can’t get over Jungkook’s hopeless romantic lyricism.

3. Fans who believe Never Let Go reaffirms APOBANGPO, a term devised by Jungkook that means BTS and ARMYs forever.

4. ARMYs who are taking a deeper dive into Jungkook’s song drawing references such as using the phrase Never Let Go 11 times in the song to mark BTS’ 11th debut anniversary.

5. ARMYs who just can’t stop vibing to Never Let Go.

6. Fans who believe Jungkook’s latest release could be a perfect summer track.

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