The King’s Affection Ep 19 & 20: 6 defining moments that sum up the tumultuous concluding episodes

A dive into the 6 defining moments of the riveting historical series ‘The King’s Affection’ and its last two episodes.

Anoushka Mathew
Written by Anoushka Mathew , Writer (K-pop, K-drama)
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The King’s Affection
The King’s Affection; Picture Courtesy: KBS2TV

The King’s Affection’ has, unfortunately, found its end and the last two episodes kept up with the beautiful storyline. In 20 episodes, they showed the ups and downs of Lee Hwi, the King as well as Dami or Yeon Seon. Each character played amazingly well for the plot. The concluding episodes were crammed with resolutions, climaxes, fights and so much more so here are some of our favourite moments that define the brilliant series. 

Lee Hwi’s true identity 

In the previous episode, Jung Ji Eun finally came to know of Lee Hwi’s real identity i.e. she is Dami and episode 19 had picked right from there. His face had a myriad of emotions- relief, disbelief, love and shock. He was glad that Dami was still alive but he could not believe his eyes that the person he was looking for was right under his nose and ended up being the person he fell for, again. The reunion of the childhood sweethearts was a sight to see and it just further solidified their affection for each other. 

Lee Hwi reveals herself to Queen Ha Kyung 

Before executing her plan, she needed to make things straight with her Queen and she did. She revealed her tightly wrapped secret and Ha Kyung’s reaction was justifiable. She could not fathom that out of all the reasons that her husband would have for not loving her back, being a woman, was definitely not one. The scene was emotionally riveting as Ha Kyung does not blame Lee Hwi for their situation and rather is surprised that she decided to reveal herself. The two shared a bond that neither could deny and in my opinion, the fact that she was a woman, did not take away the love that the Queen still had for her King. 


Lord Sangheon and Prince Wonsan’s military coup 

As the episode progresses, so does Lee Hwi’s need for revenge. She ends up imprisoning her grandfather for the many crimes he committed, essentially cornering him and sends some of her soldiers to Yeoyeon to search for the private army that he had planned in secret. Obviously, Lord Sangheon could not handle the disrespect and the ‘one-upping’ that was done by his grandchild, let alone a woman and escaped the prison with the help of Prince Wonsan and the coup. The episode ends with the scene of the giant army marching towards the palace and Lee Hwi could feel the impending doom and to be honest, so could the viewers. 

The Bloody Battle 

Episode 20 dives right into the bloody battle where Lee Hwi tries to save Prince Jehyeon before his coronation as Lord Sangheon, Prince Wonson and their army arrive to kill him. Upon hearing this, Lee Hwi has Jehyeon’s coronation immediately postponed, with Lee Hwi making sure the Prince is escorted to safety by Hyun. Hwi promises that nothing will happen to him and encourages the boy to leave. Unfortunately, Hyun could not save the Prince as he got killed by the hands of his brother, Prince Wonsan. Before he could kill Hyun as well, Eun Seo saves him by injuring Wonsan. The battle took away the lives of Prince Jehyeon and Jung Ji Eun’s father, which was another emotional scene to watch. 


Lee Hwi’s last confrontation with Lord Sangheon 

After realising that the battle is only going to end with all her people being slain, she decides another way to take her grandfather down but not before sharing one last, tearful goodbye with Jung Ji Eun which brought us to tears as well. On request of Lee Hwi, Court Lady Kim brewed tea with the same poison that her grandfather killed her father with. Unbeknownst of his impending doom, Lord Sangheon sat down for one last amicable conversation and many hidden feelings, desires and actions were spilled. After drinking the tea, Lee Hwi reveals her last trick to him, which shocks him completely. Till the end, the evil man maintained his pompous attitude. On the other hand, Jung Ji Eun was shocked to hear his lover’s plan and rushed to save her in any way possible. 

Final Court Scene and the Ending


As the world got to know her secret, she was brought to court for her due punishments. With Hyun as the current King, the court began listing her punishments but a few of the ministers actually side with Hwi. Despite her gender, she’s always done what’s right for the nation and for that alone, they believe she deserves some leniency.Eventually this leads to all the other officials dropping to their knees and pleading with the King to have mercy. He decides to give her old life back, erasing the records of what happened in the court and allowing her to be free. Time passes and the palace has restored its affairs in place. While Court Lady Kim, Hyun, Eunuch Hong and many others still missed Lee Hwi (now Yeon Seon) and Jung Ji Eun, they were sure that they were living a simpler and easier life. The scene pans to the happy couple bickering and being in love, which was just the lightheartedness needed after the heavy episode. The series ends with the couple meeting Hyun, Court Lady Kim, Eun Seo and Eunuch Hong and their reunion was definitely a happy one. 

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