NCT’s Mark’s fan allegedly spends 16000 USD to take cozy photos with K-pop star at Japan fan event

Fan shocks internet by allegedly spending 16,000 USD to click pictures with NCT member Mark. Read on to know why she needed to pay that much.

Updated on May 30, 2024  |  02:30 PM IST |  124.8K
NC's Mark: Image from NCT's official Instagram
NC's Mark: Image from NCT's official Instagram

Fans often go to extreme lengths just to meet their favorite K-pop idols or even click a few photos. But this NCT Mark fan has allegedly spent a shocking sum of 16,000 USD just to take some cozy pictures with him at a fan event in Japan. Netizens can’t help but be surprised to receive the news from an online post.

Fan spends 16,000 USD to take cozy polaroids with NCT's Mark

Recently, an online community post created a significant buzz after a few photos were shared through it, featuring NCT member Mark and a fan of him. The Polaroids instantly attracted attention as the Japanese fan seemed to be quite cozy with the K-pop idol. It almost feels like the two are well-acquainted, so netizens wondered how much she had to spend in order to click snaps like these. 

To this, the OP replied that it is organized by a Japanese goods and merch store, where the top five buyers who spend the most money on a K-pop idol or group’s merchandise and albums earn a special opportunity.  In this case, the fan spent around 16000 USD in exchange for taking cozy photos with NCT’s Mark. 

The OP also revealed that a friend who spent twice the amount received a similar opportunity with another NCT member Haechan.


Other fans in the comment section were completely shocked to learn the amount behind such photos. While many felt envious, they also expressed hesitance to spend such a big amount for a few polaroids, even if it’s their favorite K-pop idol.

Who is Mark?

Mark Lee, known mononymously as Mark is the vocalist and main rapper of the popular K-pop boy band NCT. 

In April 2016, he debuted with the group’s sub-unit NCT U. Later on that year, he joined another subunit NCT Dream, but due to the group’s rotational system based on age, he ‘graduated’ in December 2018.

In 2016, he also joined another NCT fixed subunit NCT 127 and in 2021 he retired to NCT DREAM as the group transformed into a fixed unit.

Simultaneously, Mark’s solo songs also started arriving in 2022 with Golden Hour and Child’s release. On May 16, he finally unveiled his official debut single titled 200, ahead of releasing his first solo album in February 2025.


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