NewJeans members' parents hire entertainment lawyer to file support petition for Min Hee Jin who confirms HYBE contract not in dispute

NewJeans members’ parents hired an entertainment lawyer to file a support petition for CEO Min Hee Jin who confirmed later that the group’s HYBE contract is not in dispute. Read on!

Updated on May 19, 2024  |  01:13 PM IST |  155.9K
NewJeans: ADOR
NewJeans: ADOR

NewJeans has been in the middle of HYBE and ADOR drama with new revelations coming at the front every day. On May 19, 2024, it was revealed that the parents of NewJeans members had hired a very famous entertainment dispute lawyer. 

The news gave rise to misinterpretations where many believed that NewJeans was probably disputing their contract with HYBE. However, the lawyer came forward to clarify that no such thing was happening. 

NewJeans members' parents hire an entertainment dispute lawyer to file a petition in support of ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

It has been revealed by Korean media outlets that NewJeans members' parents hired a famous entertainment dispute lawyer, Kang Jin Seok which led to the rumors of its timing as the court case between Min Hee Jin and HYBE is underway. 

The hiring of Kang Jin Seok was confirmed on May 19. He is famous for handling contract disputes in the industry. It was revealed that Kang Jin Seok was indeed hired to file a petition by NewJeans members' parents in support of Min Hee Jin. The petition says they want the girl group to continue working with CEO Min Hee Jin. 

It should be noted that the parents of the NewJeans members had previously voiced their issue with HYBE on resemblances between ILLIT and them. 

Meanwhile, when it was confirmed the parents hired Kang Jin Seok, an entertainment dispute lawyer chances of NewJeans' contract with HYBE being disputed unsurprisingly caught fire. 


Meanwhile, CEO Min Hee Jin has filed a trial against HYBE to prevent them from removing her from ADOR during the shareholders’ meeting on May 31, the court’s decision is set to come before that. 

The lawyer clarifies the rumor of NewJeans’ contract dispute with HYBE

The lawyer hired by the parents of the girl group member came forward and clarified the matter. He clarified that regardless of the rumors, he was appointed by the parents to help with the support petition and nothing else. Which in turn, clarified that NewJeans' contract with HYBE is not being disputed. 

The petition is meant to support Min Hee Jin as she is in danger of being removed at the upcoming emergency shareholders’ meeting. 

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