Chandu Champion: Kartik Aaryan was warned by Kabir Khan about his sleeping pattern; 'if you don't sleep for 8 hours minimum...'

Director Kabir Khan shared details about Kartik Aaryan's lifestyle changes for the film Chandu Champion. Keep reading for more information.

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Chandu Champion: Kartik Aaryan was warned by Kabir Khan about his sleeping pattern; 'if you don't sleep for 8 hours minimum...'
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Kartik Aaryan is prepping for the release of his upcoming film Chandu Champion, slated to hit screens on June 14. Kartik underwent a complete transformation to embody his character, adjusting his sleep patterns and dietary regimen. Director Kabir Khan recently shed light on Kartik's journey, detailing his transition from being an 'insomniac' to prioritizing eight hours of sleep, adopting the lifestyle of an athlete for over a year to ensure authenticity in his portrayal.

Kabir also mentioned that Kartik refrained from using steroids during his transformation, ensuring that the changes he underwent would have a lasting impact.

Kabir Khan reveals Kartik Aaryan was ‘insomniac’ before Chandu Champion shoot

Kabir Khan disclosed that upon meeting Kartik Aaryan, the actor was grappling with insomnia, only managing to sleep for four hours each day. In an interview with India Today, the director shared, "When I met him, he was an insomniac and used to sleep for four hours. I told Kartik, ‘For this journey, if you don’t sleep for eight hours minimum, there’s no point in undertaking this journey.’ He told me, ‘For this character, my life became different.’ Today, he’s somebody who sleeps for eight hours, looks at everything he eats, has a very fit lifestyle.”

Kabir explained his role in Kartik's transformation journey and how he monitored the actor's schedule. He mentioned that Kartik adopted the lifestyle of an athlete for 1.5 years. Kabir said he had to gather a large team that included physical trainers, physiotherapists, dietitians, boxing coaches, swimming coaches, and wrestling coaches. He described it as a significant team effort.


Kabir noted that for 1.5 years, Kartik essentially lived like an athlete. He would wake up early in the morning, go to the gym, eat his meals, participate in boxing sessions, and then rest. Kabir added that they even had to supervise Kartik's sleeping patterns.

Kabir Khan on Kartik Aaryan undergoing transformation without steroids

The director mentioned that Kartik had undergone the transformation without using steroids. He commented that Kartik had achieved this change naturally, which was beneficial as it would become a permanent part of his lifestyle. The director noted that sometimes actors appear muscular in films but lose their physique later. However, with Kartik, the director believed that the transformation would be enduring since it had become an integral aspect of his lifestyle.

More about Chandu Champion

Collaboratively produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan, Chandu Champion has been generating buzz with its captivating trailer and hit tracks like Satyanaas and Tu Hai Champion. The narrative of the film draws inspiration from the life of Murlikant Petkar, a champion who brought glory to the nation in the 1970 Commonwealth Games and the 1972 Paralympics held in Germany. It is scheduled to hit the screens on June 14, 2024.


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