Farah Khan takes dig at rising entourage costs of stars; calls it 'waste of money': 'Producers pe bhaari padta hai'

Farah Khan shares insights into the increasing entourage expenses of actors and their implications for producers. She also discusses positive changes within the industry.

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Farah Khan takes dig at rising entourage costs of stars; calls it 'waste of money': 'Producers pe bhaari padta hai'
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Renowned filmmaker Farah Khan, known for delivering numerous hits over the past decade, recently addressed the escalating entourage costs of actors in the industry. Expressing concern, she highlighted the growing financial burden this trend imposes on producers, labeling it as a "waste of money."

Farah Khan also shed light on how interpersonal relationships with actors have been negatively impacted due to current changes in the industry.

Farah Khan on increasing entourage costs of actors

In an interview with Twin Encounter, Farah Khan discussed both positive and negative updates that have influenced the functioning of Bollywood. Addressing the rising overhead costs of actors, Khan revealed a significant increase in expenses.

Farah Khan expressed her concerns, stating, "The change I would like to bring about is that the entourage cost has become too much. An actress comes with nine people, and an actor comes with eight people. That is a waste of resources. That cost is nowhere to be seen in the film! That needs to be controlled a bit. Woh producers pe bohot bhaari padta hai."

According to reports from the Indian Express, the daily charges for a spot boy average Rs 25,000, while personal security charges are around Rs 15,000 per person per day. Stylists can charge up to Rs. 1 lakh. Consequently, the total overhead cost for a star comes to approximately Rs 20–22 lakhs per day.



Farah elaborated on the present scenario, contrasting it with the past, when the industry relied more on personal relationships. She noted that previously, if she needed something, she could directly contact the actor. However, nowadays, she has to navigate through layers of management, starting with the manager's sub-manager, then the manager, and finally the agency. She described this process as "very clinical" and expressed her belief that it has led to the deterioration of interpersonal relationships.

Farah Khan reflects on the positive impact of current industry changes

However, Farah also highlighted the positive aspects of the current industry landscape, stating, "The industry is far more organized today; people come on time, there is a studio system in place, so all the contracts are proper, kisi ke paise koi khaa nahi sakta hai (No one can take away another's money)."

For those unfamiliar, Farah Khan debuted as a director 20 years ago with the Shah Rukh Khan-led film Main Hoon Na. Before that, she worked as a choreographer.

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