Internet decodes Imtiaz Ali's obsession with parallel worlds in his movies and it’s too accurate to not notice

Imtiaz Ali and his obsession with 'uss paar' is now the fan's favorite thing to discuss. Read on for more.

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Is Imtiaz Ali obsessed with narrative of parallel worlds in his films? Internet thinks so (IMDb)
Is Imtiaz Ali obsessed with narrative of parallel worlds in his films? Internet thinks so (IMDb)

Imtiaz Ali is more than just a filmmaker; he is a master storyteller. His work has left a lasting impact on our hearts with some of the most memorable films. A recent observation by an internet user highlighted Ali's fascination with parallel worlds, sparking discussions that we can't seem to stop having.

Imtiaz Ali's films often deviate from happy endings, introducing the notion of an alternate world. This realm holds the potential for a joyous conclusion, enduring connections, unbreakable ties, and a narrative that remains concealed from the world.

Decoding Imtiaz Ali’s obsession with ‘uss paar’

In a video shared by an Instagrammer Parth, visuals of three Imtiaz Ali’s films can be seen weaving through the same idea. One features Amar Singh Chamkila’s track Vida Karo referring to its line “Mainu Vida Karo, Mainu Vida Karo Ji, Maine Jaana Hai Us Paar (Please let me go, my friend. I have to go on the other side)”.

Another song strap features a scene from Rockstar making mentions of the popular line in the movie, “Pata hai… Yahaan se bahut door, ghalat aur sahi ke paar, ek maidan hai, main wahaan milunga tujhe (Do you know, far from here, beyond wrong and right, there is a field.. I will meet you there.)”.



The third visual features a scene from Ali’s Laila Majnu where his protagonist (Qais) dreams of  “pahadon ke peeche wala ghar” and that is the very spot where he turns into Majnun from Qais. When these three references weren’t enough, some fans took to the comment section and recalled how Imtiaz’s movie Tamasha also had a similar context. One user wrote, “Tamasha main bhi, Ved goes to his world of stories. Samaj ke uss par”.

This recurring theme in Imtiaz Ali films adds a poignant element to them. The idea of a world where happiness is possible is truly enticing.

Like Rumi said in Rockstar, “When the soul lies down in that grass, The world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, and even the phrase each other. Doesn't make any sense. Let’s meet ‘Uss paar’.”

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