Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook’s healing romance K-drama To My Haeri confirms broadcast in 2024 second half

Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook’s upcoming romance K-drama with healing vibes titled To My Haeri has confirmed its broadcasting details. Read on to know more.

Updated on Jun 11, 2024  |  03:48 PM IST |  106.1K
Shin Hye Sun (Image Credits- Shin Hye Sun's Instagram), Lee Jin Wook (Image Credits-  Lee Jin Wook's Instagram)
Shin Hye Sun (Image Credits- Shin Hye Sun's Instagram), Lee Jin Wook (Image Credits- Lee Jin Wook's Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • To My Haeri to premiere in second half of 2024
  • The series stars Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook

To My Haeri (literal title), ENA's upcoming romance drama, has finalized its broadcast plans. The star of Welcome to Samdalri, Shin Hye Sun, and Sweet Home fame, Lee Jin Wook, will be joining forces as leads on the show. 

Previously on April 29, ENA revealed its upcoming K-drama lineup, confirming Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook as the leads for their upcoming healing romance series. Subsequently, on June 11, the K-drama confirmed its broadcasting details.

Shin Hye Sun, Lee Jin Wook’s To My Haeri confirms premiere

To My Haeri is set to premiere on ENA in the latter part of this year and is also an original production by Genie TV. The drama is written by Han Ga Ram, known for her previous successful projects like I'll Go to You When the Weather is Nice and Han Yeo Reum's Memory.

To My Haeri is a healing romance drama centered around Joo Eun Ho (Shin Hye Sun), an anchor who grapples with dissociative identity disorder (Haeri means dissociation in Korean) after experiencing the disappearance of her younger sibling and the end of her long-term relationship with her boyfriend Hyun Oh (Lee Jin Wook).

In To My Haeri, Shin Hye Sun takes on dual roles: Joo Eun Ho, an anchor with 14 years of experience, who strives to establish her reputation in the industry, and Joo Hye Ri, a parking attendant characterized by her remarkably positive outlook on life.


Lee Jin Wook portrays Jung Hyun Oh, Joo Eun Ho's ex-boyfriend who quickly rises to become a star anchor upon joining the company, unlike his former girlfriend. Despite his kindness and generosity towards others, Hyun Oh's relationship with Joo Eun Ho is marked by conflict, stemming from their past history. His decision to break up with her after their long-term relationship leaves a profound emotional scar on Joo Eun Ho.

More about Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook

Shin Hye Sun, a cherished South Korean actress, has consistently impressed audiences with her versatile acting abilities. Nominated for the Baeksang Arts Awards, she has portrayed a wide array of complex characters with finesse. From portraying a lost 30-year-old to a traumatized ballerina and even a whimsical queen, Shin Hye Sun has demonstrated remarkable versatility in her roles. Her talent and range as an actress are undeniable, cementing her status as a skilled artist in the industry.


In Welcome to Samdalri, Shin Hye Sun portrayed Jo Sam Dal, also known as Jo Eun Hye, a renowned photographer entangled in a scandal. Circumstances force her to return to her hometown, where she reluctantly reunites with her childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend, Jo Yong Pil, played by Ji Chang Wook. As they navigate their past and present, the two characters gradually rekindle lost emotions, leading to a deep exploration of their relationship.

On the other hand, Lee Jin Wook is a highly regarded South Korean actor known for his versatile performances across various genres. He gained prominence for his leading roles in notable series such as the romance drama Glass Castle, the time-traveling thriller Nine, and the Netflix apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home. 

Additionally, his supporting role in the comedy film Miss Granny further showcased his acting skills. Lee Jin Wook also garnered significant attention for his charming cameo appearances in the hit K-drama Doona! in 2023, starring Bae Suzy, and the 2018 fantasy drama Beauty Inside, featuring Seo Hyun Jin in the lead role.


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