Sweet Home’s Lee Jin Wook to reunite with Suzy for romantic movie 7 O'clock Luncheon for the Broken Hearted; report

Lee Jin Wook reportedly is in talks to star alongside Bae Suzy on the novel-based romantic movie after they worked together in Doona!.

Published on May 23, 2024  |  11:31 PM IST |  114.8K
Lee Jin Wook in talks to join Bae Suzy for film 7 O'clock Luncheon for the Broken Hearted
Suzy: courtesy of Netflix, Lee Jin Wook: courtesy of OCN
Key Highlight
  • Lee Jin Wook played Bae Suzy’s manager in Doona!
  • The movie will be directed by Lim Seon Ae

Lee Jin Wook has reportedly been offered to join Bae Suzy in the upcoming novel-based romantic movie 7 O'clock Luncheon for the Broken Hearted. If they agree to the roles, this movie will mark their reunion project since Doona! where Lee Jin Wook played the role of Bae Suzy’s manager.

7 O'clock Luncheon for the Broken Hearted: Narrative, Character, and Production

7 O'clock Luncheon for the Broken Hearted is based on the novel by Baek Young Ok, originally published in 2012 under the same title. Although the novel was reissued in 2017 as A 7 O’Clock Breakfast Meeting for the Broken-Hearted, the film retains the title of its initial publication. Per exclusive reports from JTBC News on May 23, the film will star Bae Suzy and Lee Jin Wook is said to have been approached as well.

The movie will delicately portray themes of love, romance, and heartbreak through the eyes of three individuals navigating emotional turmoil. Coming together at a restaurant, they share their stories of heartache, engage in heartfelt conversations, embark on a healing journey, and ultimately form new connections and relationships.

In the film, Yoon Sa Kang is depicted as a flight attendant who becomes entangled in a love affair with a married pilot, leading to heartbreak. Suzy has been offered the role of Yoon Sa Kang, and viewers can anticipate another remarkable performance from her. She is expected to bring the character to life by intertwining childhood traumas with the wounds of fatal love. Suzy's adept portrayal of deep emotions and heartache is sure to captivate audiences once again in this upcoming film.


Meanwhile, Lee Ji Hoon, a consultant instructor, grapples with the sudden loss of his girlfriend of a decade to another man, leaving him bewildered and devastated. Lee Jin Wook has been approached to portray the character of Lee Ji Hoon. This film marks his debut in the melodrama genre, where he will portray a character deeply afflicted by heartbreak. 

The upcoming movie will be directed by Lim Seon Ae, known for her vivid portrayal of female stories in cinema. Notably, this will mark her directorial debut in the commercial film industry. Lim Seon Ae is acclaimed for her previous works, such as 60 Years Old (An Old Lady) and Ms. Apocalypse. Following the completion of casting and pre-production, filming is scheduled to commence in the latter half of the year.

More about Lee Jin Wook’s projects

Lee Jin Wook's upcoming projects include Netflix's Sweet Home Season 3, Squid Game Season 2, To My Harry, and the film Black Nuns, followed by his involvement in the 7 O'clock Luncheon for the Broken Hearted if he joins the team.


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