Sweet Home 3: Song Kang, Go Min Si, Lee Jin Wook tease final human-monster battle in new behind-the-scenes PICS

Sweet Home 3 starring Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Go Min Si, and more has teased the final human and monster battle with new and intriguing behind the scenes pictures.

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Song Kang, Go Min Si, Lee Jin Wook in Sweet Home 3; Image Courtesy: Netflix Korea
Song Kang, Go Min Si, Lee Jin Wook in Sweet Home 3; Image Courtesy: Netflix Korea
Key Highlight
  • Sweet Home 3 unveils intriguing behind the scenes pictures featuring Song Kang, Go Min Si, more
  • All about Sweet Home 3 set to premiere on July 19

Sweet Home Season 3, the highly anticipated series, is set to premiere on July 19, and fans are in for an intense ride. The latest season promises an epic showdown between humans and monsters, with behind-the-scenes photos hinting at intense battles and character developments. Song Kang, Go Min Si, and Lee Jin Wook return to navigate the chaotic transition to a new human era, delivering desperate yet powerful performances.

Behind the scenes of Sweet Home 3

On July 5, Netflix's upcoming original series Sweet Home Season 3 unveiled a collection of behind-the-scenes stills, offering fans a glimpse into the final human-monster battle that will culminate the series. The new images and insights from the cast and crew have heightened anticipation for the highly-awaited season.

Meanwhile, director Lee Eung Bok provided an overview of the season's evolution, explaining, "While Season 2 focused on people facing crisis and being trapped while fighting against monsters, Season 3 delves deeper into character development, delicately delivering all different emotions as the mysterious events are resolved." This shift in focus promises to offer a richer narrative, exploring the complexities of each character as they confront their personal demons and external threats.

Lee Jin Wook, who portrays Sang Wook, teased a significant transformation in his character. "The new season is a quest to find balance in a chaotic transition period for a new era," he shared. This hints at Sang Wook's evolution from a seemingly evil figure to one potentially seeking redemption or grappling with his darker impulses.


Song Kang, returning as Hyun Su, is set to face perhaps his greatest challenge yet, retaining his humanity amidst the monstrous chaos. His struggle will be central to the narrative, reflecting the overarching theme of humanity versus monstrosity that has defined the series.

Lee Si Young, who plays Yi Kyung, highlighted her character's protective instincts, particularly towards Kid, played by Kim Si Ah. "Yi Kyung tries to protect Kid," she said, emphasizing the maternal and warrior aspects of her role. This dynamic is expected to add an emotionally charged angle to the high-stakes action, showcasing the lengths to which characters will go to safeguard their loved ones.

Go Min Si, reprising her role as Eun Yu, hinted at the intense action scenes awaiting viewers in Season 3. "Desperate yet intense action scenes," she described, promising that the final season will not shy away from the adrenaline-pumping sequences that fans have come to love.


Jung Jinyoung, new to the series as Chan Yeong, expressed his dedication to the role and the series' concluding chapter. "Being able to join Season 3, the finale of the series, I filmed with a sense of duty. It was a precious and meaningful project," he stated. His commitment underscores the significance of the final season, both for the cast and the series' narrative.

Veteran actor Yoo Oh Sung, portraying Tak In Hwan, reflected on the series' impact on his career. "‘Sweet Home’ allowed me to reflect deeply on my life as an actor," he noted, indicating the profound effect the series has had on its participants.

Oh Jung Se, as Dr. Lim, and Kim Moo Yeol, playing Yeong Hoo, echoed sentiments of gratitude and honor. Oh Jung Se expressed his appreciation for being part of such a talented team, while Kim Moo Yeol remarked on the privilege of contributing to a project with such a vast and intricate worldview.


Kim Si Ah, who plays Kid, shared her unique perspective as a young actor growing with her character throughout the series. "It was a precious experience to witness a character’s journey from start to finish while filming the ‘Sweet Home’ series for a long time," she said. Her words highlight the long-term commitment and emotional investment involved in bringing the series to life.

More about the Season 3 of Sweet Home

Sweet Home Season 3, premiering on July 19, continues the gripping narrative of survival in a world overrun by monstrous creatures. Based on the popular Naver webtoon, the series follows residents trapped in the Green Home complex as they confront horrifying monsters and inner transformations. 

With themes of resilience and moral dilemmas, Season 3 promises intense action, emotional depth, and a compelling exploration of humanity amidst chaos. Fans anticipate a satisfying conclusion to this thrilling apocalyptic saga.

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