SHINee's Replay clocks 16 years: Revisiting trendsetting debut song of 'noona neomu yeppeo' trend by quintet

SHINee's debut song Replay marks its 15th anniversary! Celebrating a milestone for the iconic K-pop quintet, renowned for their trendsetting sound and style.

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SHINee; Image Courtesy: SM Entertainment
SHINee; Image Courtesy: SM Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • SHINee's iconic song Replay was released on May 22, 2008
  • Celebrating trendsetting song Replay's 16th anniversary

Celebrating 16 years of revolutionizing K-pop, SHINee's debut track Replay remains a timeless anthem. Released on May 22, 2008, it sparked the 'noona neomu yeppeo' (older girl, you're so pretty) trend, captivating hearts with its charismatic vocals and sleek choreography.

About SHINee’s debut song, Replay

Replay marked SHINee's dazzling debut into the K-pop scene, setting a new standard for boy bands. Released on May 22, 2008, it encapsulated the essence of contemporary R&B, courtesy of The Heavyweights' composition. With lyrics penned by Younghu Kim, the song spoke from the heart of a young man captivated by an older woman, immortalizing the iconic line, “noona neomu yeppeo” which directly translates to “older woman, you're so pretty." 

The track showcased SHINee's vocal prowess, a surprise even to themselves as they navigated the challenging, vocal-centric recording process. Choreographed by Rino Nakasone, the accompanying music video, featuring Victoria of f(x), added visual allure to the narrative. Replay not only introduced SHINee's musical prowess but also established them as trendsetters in music, fashion, and dance, a reputation they upheld throughout their illustrious career.

Watch the music video for SHINee's Replay here.

Replay is the title track of SHINee’s debut album of the same name

Replay stands tall as the title track of SHINee's debut album, showcasing their magnetic charm and musical versatility. Produced by Yoo Young Jin, the song exudes a contemporary and sophisticated R&B vibe, enriched by the soulful vocals of the group.

Accompanying Replay are four other tracks, each adding layers of diversity to the album's sonic landscape. In My Room, with lyrics by Younghu Kim, delves into introspective themes against a backdrop of melodic beats crafted by David Kater and Tesung Kim. Real, composed by Kim Jeong Bae and arranged by Kenzie, showcases SHINee's vocal range amidst dynamic arrangements. Love Should Go On, written by Lee Yoon Jae, delivers an uplifting message of perseverance, complemented by Lee's heartfelt composition.


The album's variation in style and genre, from soulful R&B to upbeat pop, reflects SHINee's ability to traverse musical boundaries with finesse.

More details about SHINee’s illustrious career with Replay debut

SHINee's journey from their debut with Replay to their current status as K-pop legends is a testament to their enduring talent and influence in the industry. Replay marked its introduction to the music scene in 2008, capturing the hearts of fans with its fresh sound and captivating performances. From that moment, SHINee quickly rose to prominence, setting trends and redefining the landscape of K-pop.

Their debut EP, also titled Replay, showcased the group's youthful energy and remarkable vocal abilities. The song itself became an instant hit, earning SHINee their first stage performance on SBS' Inkigayo and sparking what would become known as the SHINee Trend in fashion and music.

Following its debut success, SHINee continued to solidify its position in the industry with subsequent releases. Their first Korean studio album, The SHINee World, further showcased their versatility and musical prowess, earning them awards and recognition as one of the brightest acts in K-pop.


The years that followed saw SHINee's expansion into the Japanese music scene, where they achieved unprecedented success with their Japanese debut single Replay and subsequent albums. Their achievements in Japan, including being the first Asian artists to perform at Abbey Road Studios in London, underscored their growing global appeal and cemented their status as international sensations.

Throughout their career, SHINee's dedication to their craft and innovation in music and performance have earned them numerous accolades and a dedicated fanbase worldwide. Their ability to seamlessly blend genres and push artistic boundaries has set them apart as pioneers in the K-pop genre.

Despite facing challenges, including the tragic loss of member Jonghyun in 2017, SHINee has remained resilient, continuing to honor his memory while forging ahead with their music. Their seventh album, Don't Call Me, released in 2021, marked their triumphant return to the music scene, reaffirming their enduring legacy and impact on the industry.


SHINee's illustrious career serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a testament to the power of perseverance, talent, and friendship in the world of K-pop.

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