'You and me should do a song': BTS' RM, Jimin talk releasing unit albums with members; working as team post-2025 return

BTS’ RM and Jimin together listen to Right Place, Wrong Person while talking about enlistment pressure, releasing albums as sub-units with fellow BTS members, and more.

Updated on May 25, 2024  |  10:14 PM IST |  1.5M
RM and Jimin (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
RM and Jimin (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
Key Highlight
  • BTS' RM and Jimin talk about creating sub-units after return from military
  • They also discussed future concerts as a team

BTS’ RM and Jimin recently appeared on MMM(Mini & Moni Music), where they listened to BTS’ RM’s Right Place, Wrong Person before it was released. In the pre-recorded video, the duo discussed the pressures of being BTS, RM’s emotions as a leader, future tours, and the possibility of sub-units within the group.

BTS’ RM and Jimin talk about sub-units; reuniting in 2025

In the video, BTS' RM and Jimin were completely raw and open with each other as they discussed RM's new music and the emotions he experienced while creating it. RM described feeling like he only had an "on and off switch" for his feelings. He expressed that creating Right Place, Wrong Person was possible thanks to him being a member of the globally famous boy band BTS. 

He also talked about how, when BTS finally reunites, all seven members will have grown significantly and bring many new experiences. Jimin shared that he looks forward to seeing this growth within the group. However, Jimin also mentioned that when BTS returns as a team in 2025, RM will once again face the pressures of being the frontman of a superstar boy group and asked if he would be okay.

RM candidly replied, "No." However, he believes that having released Right Place, Wrong Person, which deeply explores his emotions and serves as a form of release, will make him a bit stronger.


RM expressed his gratitude to his fellow members and mentioned that while he doesn't know what the future holds for BTS, they will definitely be doing concerts. Jimin added that when they reunite, he and RM should release a song together. RM agreed, saying, "Let's release unit albums... We can keep mixing up different units within BTS. Jungkook, V; Jimin, RM; SUGA, Jin, J-Hope - I want to do it with all the members."

Returning to the topic of his feelings and responsibilities as an idol and artist, Jimin added, let's feel and then come back to work.

RM also became emotional, sharing that he didn't think much about the team for a year when they began enlisting. He admitted that he felt like he had turned off the switch and experienced guilt. Now, he feels like he owes the members and expresses his desire to work hard for them again.


Watch the full episode here-

RM and Jimin talk about enlistment

RM also mentioned feeling pressured to enlist. He recounted walking into bars and overhearing people discussing BTS' enlistment, which took a toll on his mental health.

He revealed that he was planning to enlist with J-Hope but then met with Balming Tiger's San Yawn, who found RM really interesting and noted his contradictory personality. San Yawn played a significant role in RM's second album, Right Place, Wrong Person, and has collaborated with RM before.

RM revealed that he felt pressured when J-Hope left, wondering if he made the right choice by staying or if he should also have enlisted. Jimin also shared that he felt relieved when Jin enlisted but noted that RM had a hard time after Jin's enlistment.

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